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The books to read this spring
The books to read this spring

Spring full of new books to read: between novels, thrillers and sagas, here's what to put on the bedside table for the next few months

In spring, not only the trees bloom, but also the bookcases, where the shelves are filled with new titles designed to keep us company on the first weekends outdoors, but also during work breaks, in waiting rooms, traveling on vehicles and on all occasions when we want to read.

Also in this season of books to read there really is something for everyone: from light novels to more challenging ones, from thrillers to fantasy, up to essays.

Here are the titles that we think are worth putting on the nightstand.

Books spring 2017

The well-known Chinese writer Liu Zhenyun gives us a new novel in which, with his sharp and ironic style, he tells a glimpse of the society in which he lives. "Chinese divorce" (Bompiani) stars Li Xuelian, a woman expecting a second child from her husband Qin Yuhe. Good news, if it weren't for the fact that the one-child law is in force in China. The two, in order not to run into problems with the law, decide to divorce and then marry at a later time, but once separated he decides to rebuild a life with another woman, also pregnant with him.
The literary case of these last few weeks is certainly Teresa Ciabatti's "La più beloved" (Mondadori), defined by herself as an autofiction, as it delves into her childhood and adolescence. The writer tries to reconstruct, in a sincere and uncanny way, the history of her family and to understand in particular how much her father may have influenced her over the years, helping to make her the incomplete woman she claims to be.
Those who love suspense will read Carla Buckley's "All Our Secrets" (North) in one go. The protagonist is Natalie Falcone, who one day is reached by a phone call that communicates bad news: her daughter Arden is in a coma, after throwing herself out of the window together with her cousin Rory, with whom she shared the college room that suddenly burned down. The investigation into what happened will make her discover a hidden side of the girl.
It is a strongly autobiographical novel, as well as linked to current events, "The Occidental" by Melanie F. (Cairo). At the center is the life of Anna, a Western woman who falls in love with a Muslim man and decides to marry him. A son is born and she cannot help but follow her husband by moving to Dubai, a wealthy and open city but also culturally distant from Anna for which it is difficult to find a new balance, without feeling trapped in a golden cage.
Many women will end up falling in love with Éric, protagonist of "La 2 cavalli verde" by Manu Causse (North), because of his sweetness. It is in fact a separated father, who feels inadequate in front of his son Isaac who suffers from autism and is therefore admitted to an institution, by decision of his ex-wife. However, when he inherits his uncle's 2 Green Horses, he decides to take the little one away and leave with him on a journey that will allow them to get to know each other and finally open up to each other.
A thrilling thriller is "Who is without sin" by Jane Harper (Bompiani). Set In Kiewarra, a small rural town in Australia, the protagonist is federal detective Aaron Falk who returns to his hometown for the funeral of Luke Hadler, a close friend of his who killed his wife and son before committing suicide. Luke's parents don't see it clearly and ask Aaron to investigate what happened, but he's reluctant as he was accused of missing a girl twenty years earlier.
Nostalgics of the 90s must absolutely read "The harsh law of Baywatch" (Booksalad), an essay in which the young author Mattia Bertoldi will take you on a journey back in time among boy bands, videoclips (broadcast by Videomusic), arcades, telephone cards, mini and floppy discs, but above all the TV series of the heart such as "Friends" and "Baywatch". The book will be released in April, just a month before the theatrical remake of the latter.
Those who need a little healthy lightness will have fun reading "The worst week of my life" by Silvia Menini (Rizzoli YouFeel). The young writer introduces us to Camilla, 34 years old and tired of being the last wheel of the wagon in the company where she works. When he begins to suspect that there is an underground relationship between his terrible boss and the owner of the company, he devises a plan to frame them and finally get the role they deserve, but something is wrong.
The sagas cannot be missing, not even for this season. So here is "The Chronicles of the Shadowhunters Academy" (Mondadori), the new chapter of the fantasy saga signed by Cassandra Clare, in which all the stories (which also bear the signature of Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman) related to apprenticeship path of Simon Lewis, first human and then vampire, who once lost all his memories decides to become a Shadowhunter to hunt down demons. A nice gift for fans, who especially love this character.
Director Roan Johnson arrives in bookstores with "Should I find myself in a dark forest" (Mondadori), which tells the story of a 38-year-old man who feels in the middle of his life's journey and is seized by a series of ailments, probably of anxious origin, which strongly compromise his daily life. The author faces what are the fears of all of us, especially in this moment of crisis, with irony and depth.

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