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Modern pendant chandeliers: 15 design models
Modern pendant chandeliers: 15 design models

Not just led solutions. Mini-guide to buying modern pendant chandeliers, including icons, re-editions and low-cost alternative designs. Make your choice, starting with our advice

When the classic models are not very suitable for furnishing the interior spaces, the search for the right lights is decisively oriented towards modern pendant chandeliers.

Juggling the alternatives available on the market can often prove to be a real puzzle and in order not to go crazy it is always a good rule not to stop at the first choice. Comparing models and prices, understanding dimensions and weight with accuracy, evaluating the performance and additional equipment, such as the presence of a dimmer to change the luminous intensity of the lamps, are excellent strategies to be implemented before purchasing any lamp..

Modern pendant chandeliers: 15 design models not to be missed

LED, devices that ensure longer life cycles than incandescent bulbs and allow for energy savings.

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