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Because when you go to bed you are no longer sleepy
Because when you go to bed you are no longer sleepy

You close your eyes from sleep on the sofa, but when you go to bed you can't fall asleep? Research explains why

Every night you arrive in bed exhausted, but as soon as you find yourself between the sheets the tiredness seems to disappear. We spend most of the day drinking coffee to keep us awake, longing for the moment when we can have a mattress encounter again, yet the moment we stretch our legs and rest our head on the pillow we feel like we're ready for a marathon..

If you too find yourself in this description, know that it is one of the most common sleep disorders, which now has a name: conditioned arousal.

This is what a research from the University of Pennsylvania claims, according to which the brain wakes up as soon as it realizes it is in bed, making us feel more active.

In the gallery we explain in detail what happens.

Because sleep passes when you go to bed

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There are techniques to prevent conditioned arousal from becoming a nuisance: first of all, you need to make your bedroom a place that allows you to sleep, without electronic devices, bright lights and noises; Muscle relaxation and breathing exercises may be considered later to help the body let go.
  • A little common sense According to Gehrman, it is also important to listen to the rhythms of your body. “There are people who want to go to bed at 10pm, when their bodies aren't ready yet. At that point it is better to get up and do something else until they are sure they are sleepy - he explained. But then it is hard for them to wake up in the morning because their bodies are convinced that they have to sleep more ».

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