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Pastel nails: the most glamorous ideas to copy from Pinterest
Pastel nails: the most glamorous ideas to copy from Pinterest

Pastel nails are one of the big must-haves for spring summer. Discover the most glamorous variations to copy from Pinterest

Pastel nails are a great certainty. Romantic, cool and always original, they give life to trendy manicure.

From the simple ones monochrome nails at simple nail art, with accent nails, small flowers and polka dots, the most beautiful shades for this season are always the more subdued ones. So here are pastel pink, pastel blue, aqua green, light yellow and lilac nails, without forgetting the shades of peach, gray and nude.

Are you ready? Browse the gallery and let yourself be inspired by pastel nails 2017, the most beautiful views on Pinterest.

Pastel nails: the most glamorous ideas to copy from Pinterest

Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-08
Delicate pastel pink base with metallic effect polka dots. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Quinceanera
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-12
One of the most original proposals, absolutely to be copied. On a light gold-colored glitter base, horizontal lines in pastel shades stand out that reveal the base, creating an unusual three-dimensional effect. Credits Ph.: Pinterest /
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-04
Light taupe nails with pastel yellow colored french. Super glam. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Bing Bang NYC
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-06
A very nice effect to copy: the ughie are shiny and transparent, while pastel holographic glows illuminate them. Credits Ph.: Pinterest /
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-11
Almond nails peach pink. The rings give an edgy touch. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Maxine Carter
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-14
A simple but splendid manicure, with a tone-on-tone effect with cream and glitter enamel in a powder blue nuance. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / essie
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-13
A pastel yellow manicure enhanced by flashy accessories. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / eatyouupspityouout
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-02
From taupe to creamy white passing through mauve and ballerina pink, here is a proposal that is simple to create but of great impact. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Instagram
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-03
Tiffany green matte nails with milky white accent and small floral decoration. Credits Ph.: Pinterest /
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-05
Very light blue that turns gray for the double manicure with black edges. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / NCLA
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-07
A matte nail art with a minimal style that takes the dusty tones of gray, mauve and pink for a truly chic effect. Credits Ph.: Pinterest /
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-10
Aqua green, lilac and small flowers: a fresh and girly manicure. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Mademoiselle Emma
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-09
Nude gray, for a minimal look that is different from the usual. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Instagram
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-15
White and mint green on short and slightly square nails. Credits Ph.:Pinterest/
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-16
Light lilac and purple and peach geometric nail art. Extra glam! Credits Ph.: Pinterest / so nailicious
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-17
Baby pink and three-dimensional reverse French with silver glitter. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Instagram
Privato: unghie-pastello-da-pinterest-01
Long stiletto nails, the look of which is softened by a mint-colored nail polish. Credits Ph.: Pinterest / Talonted Lex

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