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Minimal nail art: the proposals for a simple and glam manicure
Minimal nail art: the proposals for a simple and glam manicure

Minimal nail art can give a really elegant and sophisticated touch to the manicure. Look at our selection and get inspired

If you want an elegant and original manicure, choose one minimal style, simple but impactful.

Minimal manicures

Geometries, reverse French, and colored dots applied or drawn on the nails are the fundamental elements of a simple and cool nail art at the same time.

How to make a simple nail art?

First choose the nail polish that acts as a base. Transparent, light pink, white or nude are the most popular choices for an essential nail look.

Then decide how to decorate your nails. The geometries are very glam: colored lines and dots, on the bezel or on the tip of the nail, finally micro stickers to be applied as desired. A little precision and calm is all it takes to create a perfect manicure. Help yourself with the dotters, the fine tip brushes specific for nail art.

The looks to copy

You are looking for inspiration for yours simple and minimal nail art? Browse our gallery with the best proposals seen on the catwalks.

Minimal nail art: all the most beautiful proposals

The pink base contrasts with the bezel colored in a sky blue hue. Minimal but very elegant.
Angel Sanchez nls W S15 N 004_1872608
Two more pastel shades for this two-tone nail art. The trend wants a darker shade along the contour of the nail.
Carmen Marc Valvo nls W S14 N 011_1027832
A decidedly original French manicure. The fingertips are in the foreground thanks to a black lacquer with a creamy finish.
The enamel finish is matte.
Donna Karan nls F12 002_714925
Instead of black, choose a red shade to match your eye makeup.
Simple but rock this manicure with gold ends and a star-shaped sticker applied to the center of the nail.
Subtle lines made with gold stickers or drawn with the brush warm up a manicure made with a nude pink nail polish. Credit ph: Getty Images
Just add some silver glitter on a clear polish to get this sparkling nail effect.
Choose a milky white base and apply two and three sequins all over the nail. The surprise effect is guaranteed.
Peter Som nls W F14 N 002_1171301
If you like minimal geometry, draw a line to cover half of the bezel. The effect is even more scratchy if there is a contrast between the polish used to color the nail and the one used to draw the line.
The dots are drawn on the nails as if they were a score.
Tadashi Shoji nls W F14 N 004_1171311
Double geometry: a gold polish highlights the bezel and the tip of the nails.
Wes Gordon nls W S15 N 003_1872650
Bright, chic and minimal, this manicure is characterized by a base between pink and white over which very thin white lines have been traced with the help of a brush.

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