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How to tell if you are a drama queen
How to tell if you are a drama queen

It's not about scenes or gossip, being a drama queen is a way of life - and you are born into it: here's how to tell if it concerns you.

The Italian translation of the expression drama queen as the queen of drama, she risks losing her tragicomic component, which is fundamental instead in the description of one of the funniest personalities in the personality landscape.

Because the question is that it is not just about people who feel an irrepressible attraction towards scenes, quarrels, small feuds, juicy gossip and dramas.

And I am not lacking in gossip in the strict sense of the term: the drama must be experienced and enjoyed in the first person not to be told around to anyone (at least, not immediately!), But to grasp the hesitation, the suspense, the 'escalation and finally the explosion.

Drama queens are this and much more - and above all they have been since birth.

To understand if you are part of it too, browse the gallery and check how much you find yourself there.

The things that are a true drama queen can understand

1_Drama Queen_natura
From the outside, any drama queen projects this image of a calm, poised person, totally disinterested in other people's troubles. But then, inside it hides a soul that gets excited about any situation that has four main ingredients: a necessary dose of frivolity, the ritual scene, a pinch of impropriety and an aura of mystery and secrecy to make everything truly appetizing (well, from his point of view definitely!).
2_Drama Queen_sesto sento
And it couldn't be otherwise, as sometimes they seem to live for it! So, if on the one hand they keep away and do not get personally involved, on the other they love to be witnesses or confidants of gossip, scenes and quarrels that do not concern them … and the three waiting dots that denote the writing of a message by the their best friend become a moment of pure enjoyment.
3_Drama Queen_nascita
They were like this from an early age, when they were still in elementary school and nothing escaped their eyes and their very attentive ears: on the other hand, a tiger can (almost) never change its stripes.
4_Drama Queen_espressione
Which is always halfway between amazed and anxious, because waiting for the outbreak of a gossip or an epochal scene is itself pure pleasure.
5_Drama Queen_drama
Drama queens are very democratic when it comes to the dramas that attract their attention, and they indiscriminately follow any situation that embodies the four key elements of frivolity, scene, unfairness and mystery. Even (and especially) if the above situation concerns penguins.
6_Drama Queen_ammissione
It could look a bit like the first law of the Fight Club, and in fact it looks a lot like it: never accuse a drama queen of being one: the laconic answer, accompanied by shiny eyes to completely convince your interlocutor, would be the classic "But who, me? You're joking, right?" (Yes, they love to be melodramatic even in these cases).
7_Drama Queen_conflitto
Yeah, because the drama queens basically know that being so attracted to other people's lives is not what is called 100% correct, and that they should be more mindful of their own business … the problem is that it is stronger than them., they really can't do without it.
8_Drama Queen_scaltrezza
Everything can be said of the queen drama, except that they do not make cunning a real art: the drama of others are often used to divert embarrassing conversations or questions, with the aim of diverting the attention of their interlocutor from their own affairs. Because sometimes - and they know it well - it is necessary to make a virtue of necessity.
9_Drama Queen_social
For a drama queen, the drama is not consumed only live, on the contrary! The juiciest and tastiest ones happen online, on social networks, and scrolling the Facebook timeline in search of potential dissing or vitriolic comments that could spark the quarrel of the century is one of their favorite sports.
10_Drama Queen_attenzione
Call them narcissistic personalities, they certainly won't be offended: in fact, nothing gives a drama queen more pleasure than being called to witness the drama she witnessed live or on social media, providing as many details as possible. From their personal point of view, they are in fact providing a public utility service, helping to reconstruct the facts by bringing concrete evidence to support … that they are actually a new subspecies of assault reporter?

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