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Beauty and the Beast is in the cinema: that's why you'll love it
Beauty and the Beast is in the cinema: that's why you'll love it

The film about Beauty and the Beast, with Emma Watson, based on the Disney animated classic of 1991, is in the room: we tell you why to see it

The beauty and the Beast, the most elegant and intriguing of the Disney animation classics, returns to the cinema in a live action version, with Emma Watson as the female lead, Belle.

The fable is well known: a beautiful prince, but ruthless and individualistic, is transformed into a beast by a curse that will be broken the day someone manages to love him despite his appearance.

The young and independent Belle, who arrived at his castle for a series of dramatic events and ended up as a prisoner here, will teach him kindness and establish a special and profound relationship with him, even if not easy at first.

Bill Cordon's "Beauty and the Beast" is built on a faithful cast of the 1991 animated film.

History, songs and imagery: nothing has changed since the first version, if not the now much talked about inclusion of the first gay character in Disney history (the good Josh Gad in the role of LeFou, Gaston's faithful companion).

We saw "Beauty and the Beast" in preview: that's why you'll love it.

The beauty and the Beast

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Have you seen the animated film? You know that they sing? The remake is the same. Indeed, if we must be honest, some parts of the musical are even better in this new version than the original. "Stay here with us" and its kaleidoscopic performance or the main theme of the romantic dance scene, will make you reach very high peaks of enchantment.
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From Luke Evans as Gaston to Ewan McGregor as the extraordinary Lumière, to Ian McKellen (Tockins) and Stanley Tucci (Cadenza): "Beauty and the Beast" really enjoys a five-star cast. The only slightly subdued of the company seems unfortunately to be Emma Watson who, despite being aesthetically perfect for the role, temperamentally fails to transfer to the viewer that reactionary charge that made the character of Belle unique in the first Disney version. In the role of the Beast we find the handsome Dan Stevens who, thanks also to the recent success of "Legion" (FX TV series), will still make a lot of talk about himself.
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"Beauty and the Beast" had represented a kind of break between the Disney classics: it was not a Prince who saved a Princess, but the opposite. Belle was the first true contemporary Disney heroine: with her independence and intellectual curiosity she paved the way for female characters such as Anna or Elsa ("Frozen"), Merida ("Brave") or Tiana ("The princess and the frog"), from which he differs only because he still sings love songs. We should therefore not be surprised that Disney's choice for a remake today fell precisely on this classic, which perhaps has only the flaw of being too sugary a thread to fully subscribe to the new 'policy' of the company.
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As it had been in the animated film, Lumière is the real heart of "Beauty and the Beast". In this live action version, his character has been well entrusted to the interpretation of Ewan McGregor who, without distorting it from the consolidated iconography of the Disney classic, has been able to reinterpret and enhance it. If the romanticism between Belle and the Beast remains at the center of the film, the couple that we can't wait to embrace again in human guise is the more sensual and playful one of Lumière and her Plumette (in the film Gugu Mbatha Raw).
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Baroque and dark: this is «Beauty and the Beast», in both its Disney versions. Of all the fairy tales told by the Mickey Mouse house, this is certainly the one on which any viewer has risked Tourette's syndrome. The remake with Emma Watson cleverly plays with magic, especially in the musical parts, adding here and there a touch of fear. The forest, the curse, the gruff character of the Beast counterbalance the light-hearted sympathy of its 'animated servants' and Belle's goodness. The landscape, its colors, are the mirror of the protagonist's soul, who gradually paints himself from black to new shades and light.
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"Beauty and the Beast" is the latest classic in the franchise transformed from a cartoon to a film with real actors. The phenomenon, which began lukewarmly in 2010 with Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and which in 2015 produced a wow effect with Kenneth Branagh's "Cinderella", promises to become a permanent presence in the company's productions. "Beauty and the Beast" differs from previous Disney remakes because its goal is neither to rework for the present ("Cinderella", "Maleficent") nor to transform itself into an authoral interpretation of the fairy tale (as they tried to do with Burton, to whom Disney has now also entrusted "Dumbo"). Bill Condon's film was created to produce nostalgia and for this reason it remains so faithful to the classic of 1991. It succeeds both in the children of the past - in these parts they sang badly - and in the very young today who grew up knowing Emma Watson in "Harry Potter" and who today find her struggling with great love.

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