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Straw bags for Spring-Summer 2017
Straw bags for Spring-Summer 2017

They also add a retro and original touch to the basic look. We have chosen some models to focus on with the arrival of summer

Jane Birkin remains a fixed point when it comes to style and French savoir-faire, that secret mix which combines a certain nonchalance with an innate elegance. Among the trends that have gone down in history and promoted by the style icon, there are: straw bags.

Summer par excellence, they are the right accessory to literally turn a basic look. Oversized shirt, jeans, sabot and one raffia bag they are the ideal match for a business appointment or an aperitif with friends.

In the gallery you will find the selection of the coolest pieces in circulation. Browse to believe.

Straw bags for the summer

Small size, studied design and colorful details. A bijoux.
The model is inspired by the classic Parisian chairs. Definitely chic to use it only on the beach.
As a cone, it is ironic and summery.
The classic model, ideal for the day.
An overturned hat, nice and roomy.
Elegant and classic model in raffia version.
The trunk becomes summery, delicate, with leather inserts.
Adjustable leather shoulder strap and designs from the animal world in black.
Decoration of stars and fringes, it is the classic model to be used all day.
The interior is bright red, the leather details are in light blue. An interesting game of contrasts.
It is worn over the shoulder, is particularly light and is decorated with soft colored balls.
A model different from the others, concentric shape in leather, covered with straw details.
Pink, with floral decorations and shoulder strap. Love at first sight.
In raffia, elegant and sophisticated, it is a practical bucket bag.
Natural and black colored straw, wide and chic.

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