Full of vitamins: the new beauty routine by Clinique
Full of vitamins: the new beauty routine by Clinique

Spring, it's time for a new beauty routine. When sunlight warms our days, we too feel the need for a brighter, brighter, rejuvenated and compact face.


First step: cleanseFresh means effective but also easy and immediate to use. Forget the usual cleansing: the Fresh Pressed ™ Cleaner harnesses the power of pure vitamin C to illuminate, uniform and revitalize the skin. The action of the Fresh Pressed ™ Cleanser is powerful because its special disposable packaging isolates vitamin C - whose effectiveness is naturally reduced when it comes into contact with oxygen - until it is activated, preserving its freshness, with the first visible results. after only one week of treatment. In addition to Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), with antioxidant properties, this cleanser contains White Clay which helps absorb sebum, impurities and pollution residues, and Salicylic Acid which promotes cell renewal.


How to use the new Fresh Pressed ™ Vitamin C face cleanser This ultra-fine powder is activated with a few drops of water for a unique cleansing experience. The formula does not dry out the skin, is ideal for daily use and prepares the skin for the subsequent treatment with the Activator. Follow these steps to activate and use the Cleanser.


How to use the new Fresh Pressed ™ Treatment Activator In order for the effectiveness of vitamin C to be preserved in the best possible way, 10% of Vitamin C powder is isolated inside a vial that prevents contact with light and air, and is released inside the soothing anti-aging emulsion only. upon activation. In addition to the power of 10% pure vitamin C, the soothing anti-aging emulsion balances the pH of the formulation, so that it is comfortable and easily absorbed on the skin. To get the most out of it, apply it for at least seven consecutive days, twice a day, mixing two drops with your favorite Clinique treatment product. Follow these steps to make the best use of the Fresh Pressed ™ Treatment Activator.


Grazia.it also did the test with the Activator and the results were immediate for us: smooth, radiant and compact skin in just 7 days. Let's say it is the best breakfast for our skin to start the day with a charge of energy.

With which treatment to mix the new Fresh Pressed ™ Treatment Activator? Discover our suggestions in the gallery.


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