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Hair trends 2017: equal cuts for Spring Summer
Hair trends 2017: equal cuts for Spring Summer

Even cuts are on trend: discover our favorites from the Spring 2017 fashion shows

THE even cuts return to be the protagonists of hair trends 2017. Seen backstage and on the catwalks, they won us over because they can really renew the look with some decisive scissoring, even when you don't want to give up lengths.

Even hair has always been an expression of personality because frame the face with clear lines, highlighting their characteristics or creating focus on some traits in particular.

Among the most interesting versions for us, there are the short or medium cuts with bangs, and the asymmetrical ones inspired by the legendary looks designed by Vidal Sassoon in the 60s. But also i bob to Valentina by Crepax or medium yokes with wavy styling. Finally, the long versions, with razor-cut tips and often accompanied by equally sharp fringes.

Discover all the most glamorous medium cuts for Spring Summer 2017 selected by us and to be copied immediately.

Trendy equal cuts for Spring 2017

Suitable for perfect ovals or long faces this very short "bowl" cut with fringe and even hair that fades to the nape of the neck.
A very short bob cut with extra small bangs and even lengths above the ears. Donate to faces with dedicated features, which immediately acquire character.
The even bob cut just below the ear is worn with the center parting and is a perfect solution for those with thin or very thin hair. It highlights the cheekbones and the silhouette of the face.
We like this even bob cut with long bangs because it highlights the look and the shape of the face.
A medium-length version of the bob with very short bangs that enhances the contours of the face and eyes. It also gives to round faces.
The even cut with asymmetrical lengths is enhanced by monochromatic and decisive colors, like this cherry red.
60s inspiration for this cut that recalls the looks of Peggy Moffit, both in shape and color. Enhances the lines of the face, highlighting the contours.
A cut with even contours and lengths in motion. Give a focus on the eyes and smooth the edges of the face.
An even cut shoulder length complemented by short, straight cut bangs. We like the slight movement of the lengths that soften the facial features.
Long hair becomes edgy with even lengths and straight bangs, cut above the eyes.
The cut with even and plumb tips creates an interesting geometry that enhances the degradé hue.
The cut equal to 3 levels creates a very original movement of the lengths that enhances the eyes, the contour of the face and the length of the neck.
A very fashionable cut for this Spring: lengths beyond the shoulders smooth plumb and straight and ultra-short bangs. Highlighted by a very bright Titian blonde coloring. Enhances and characterizes oval or slightly long faces.

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