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How to understand if she sees you only as a friend (or if there is margin instead)
How to understand if she sees you only as a friend (or if there is margin instead)

You have a crush on yourselves but he only sees you as a friend? Here are the ten unmistakable signs that your relationship will never be anything more

You have a crush on yourself for a very nice guy you hang out with a lot?

You see each other almost every day and you look great together, but nothing has ever happened yet.

There are two cases: either he is shy, or sees you only as a friend.

To understand this, there are signs to watch out for, some unequivocal, others a little more ambiguous - we have collected both in the gallery.

If you accumulate too many, it means that you have fallen in love with the wrong man: turn your attention to someone who reciprocates as soon as possible.

Signs that he sees you only as a friend

vi dice che siete come un maschio
He repeats to you at regular intervals the phrase that you would never, ever want to hear from a man (at least not from one you like), or the one that labels you as being asexual in the family. You can't do anything about it, you can't change things because in his mind it means only one thing and that is no hope of moving on to the bed phase, the one where you are more than friends and certainly not brothers.
non rimane impressionato dai vostri outfit
It doesn't matter how hard you try, if you went to the hairdresser before you saw it or if you wore a dress with a neckline so deep it would resurrect the dead or if you have studied all the contouring tutorial videos by heart. He always has a standard answer: that you are fine and that you are pretty. Your hopes of finding it stuck like a sucker are very remote.
guarda le altre quando uscite
If she considers you a friend, she doesn't mind turning her face 360 ​​degrees when a beautiful girl passes by and she doesn't even mind commenting or hitting on this girl or breaking up in the middle of an evening if the girl on duty gives any sign. to bite his hook. He is not doing this to make you jealous, he is simply acting naturally because he considers you a friend.
siete come una sorella
After the comparison with her sister, this is the second thing you would never want to hear from you, she considers you exactly as her male friend and this means that you will not get the romantic treatment you want. No candlelit dinners, no romantic walks, no gifts on Valentine's Day, no weekend of passion.
evita il contatto fisico
If you try to walk with your arm under his he says things like "Daaai, who then think we're engaged." When he leaves, he gives you a lightning-quick kiss on the cheek and runs away at the speed of light, as if they were sucking him into a new dimension. If he does this, you have no hope of making out, even when he's had a few more drinks.
non litiga con voi
He never fights with his male friends, why should he do it with you? You're not his girlfriend, he doesn't want you to be a problem, so he doesn't take your pout seriously if he threw your package on Friday night or showed up more than an hour late. With his friends these things are allowed and often forgiven, if you point it out to him, he points out that you are not together.
dorme sul vostro divano
If he happens to sleep in your house or if you stop by, he doesn't sleep in the same bed as you, he moves onto the sofa. This is another way to avoid that kind of flirtatious intimacy or create ambiguous situations. He probably respects you and for this reason avoids misunderstandings, you should somehow appreciate him.
quando se ne va neanche un bacio
Attention, he is not giving you a romantic surprise, he simply has this kind of confidence with you. So don't rush to redo your makeup in ten seconds every time he buzzes, it's no use.
ti parla delle sue avventure
He tells you all his stories in detail, asks you for advice and lets you read the messages he sends to the girls he is dating. Also in this case he does not want to make you jealous, you are simply his woman friend, who better than you can confess it? If it hurts you too much, maybe you should consider that you can't be friends with him.
il suo modello di donna è diverso da voi
You are brunette and he likes blondes, you are rock n roll and he likes bourgeois girls with stink under their noses and designer bags? He will not suddenly change tastes, do not waste years and years of your life hoping that one day he will wake up and realize that you too exist in the world. A friend is a wonderful thing, it's always handy to have one.

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