Jain presents ZANAKA, the joie de vivre watch
Jain presents ZANAKA, the joie de vivre watch

The singer launches a limited edition with Swatch, celebrating the will to live and the energy that distinguish her music

Europe, Congo and Arab Amirati: Jain he is only 25 years old and has a lot of baggage on his shoulders. In 2015 the first single from the album was released Zanaka, "Come", a few months later becomes an international success climbing the European charts and winning the planito record.

And no wonder, watching one of his performances is an out of the ordinary experience, the energy he transmits on stage is remarkable. We saw her perform in Paris, at the Théâtre du Renard in the midst of a literally crazy audience.

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Exactly one year ago, Carlo Giordanetti, Creative Director of Swatch, sees the video of the single and is struck by it. "It's not the kind of music I usually listen to but that energy, that rhythm and that strong aesthetic immediately thrilled me". From there comes the idea of ​​contacting Jain and propose a collection with Swatch.

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When it comes to capsule collections and collaborations, the Swiss brand has always been at the forefront. Suffice it to say that the first experiment dates back to 1985 with Kiki Picasso, French artist.

Many, many, others all successful follow. "When there is passion, when that spark is triggered, well, you already know that that project will work", says Carlo firmly.

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The watch is on sale in a limited edition, 10.150 pieces available. The artist created a graphic linked to the drawings she made on her diaries since she was a child - Zanaka, which is also the name of the album, literally means childhood in Malagasy, the mother tongue.

His is a continuous journey between one culture and another, characterized by that particularity that distinguishes it: his joie de vivre.

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