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Straight, wavy and long layered hair for S / S 2017
Straight, wavy and long layered hair for S / S 2017

Long, straight and wavy, layered hair is on trend for Spring / Summer 2017. Our tips for those who want a cool cut

Do you want to try a layered cut for this Spring? It is the right time because i layered hair I'm super cool.

Among the newest proposals for long, straight or wavy hair, you will surely find the right haircut. Like? Looking at the galleries with the selection of the most glamorous proposals seen on the catwalks.

Long layered hair

The advantage of having long hair is being able to choose a different look every time and try any type of hairstyle. Symmetrical or even hair cuts are banned, this is the season of scaling on long hair, because they lighten the cut. While, if you have long and thin hair, it is the best strategy to get volume.

Long layered hair: the proposals for SS 2017

The layered hair frames the face while the scaling is less clear on the lengths.
Try some shades of color to highlight the haircut.
The layered cut is even more beautiful and can be seen more if the hair is very long and enlivened with romantic curls.
If you are undecided about the cut, try to do some scaling starting from the tips.
Do you want the scalings to stand out more? Let your soft hair fall over your shoulders.
A bolder combination for a cut that wants very short bangs and wavy and scaled lengths.
If you have straight and thin hair, give more tone by moving the hair with an ad hoc styler.

Straight layered hair

If you have straight and fine hair, opt for layers at the top. If, on the other hand, the hair is very important, you can create very different layers from strand to strand. Work on the fringe or on the side tuft to give movement: it is the recommended cut for those with a rounder face.

Straight layered hair: the proposals for SS 2017

On straight hair, the layered cut creates volume and movement where it is needed. For example, at the bottom, just like this cut does.
You can divide the hair with a central line, if you want to give more order to the layered hair.
For a jaunty cut, do some scaling along the fringe as well.
Yes to the scaled side tuft, especially if the face is round.
An excellent solution for those with straight and thin hair and who want a medium layered cut.
Game of contrasts: the fringe is geometric while along the hair the scaling is very important.
Tired of the usual helmet? Try this layered cut, dedicated to those with straight hair.

Wavy layered hair

Wavy hair lends itself very well to scaled lengths. If you have long and thick hair, choose a cut that does not work too much on the volume (in this case, for example, you can only scale them in the lower part). If they are too "rebellious", try to shorten them in the front leaving them longer. If, on the other hand, the hair is fine and frizzy, it is better to make sure that the nape is uncovered by working on the volumes.

Wavy layered hair: the SS 2017 proposals

Also have fun playing with the bangs. If you have long or medium layered wavy hair, you can choose the length you like best.
If you have very wavy and curly hair and you don't want to overdo it with volume, try climbing on the front and less radical on the back.
If the hair is wavy and you want it to be easy to comb or dry, go for a short layered cut.
nuance insolite per labbra (azzurro, blu, verde)
On the medium and choppy cut, the scaling can be more noticeable.
Those with wavy, layered and long hair can really enjoy changing their cut every day. For example, he can enrich it with accessories or create a semi-harvest.
If you want to give more stability to the hair, use a foam mousse.
By choosing a slight scaling limited to the lengths, you can "refresh" the cut without major revolutions in the look.

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