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Cohabitation: things women hate about men
Cohabitation: things women hate about men

Living together is beautiful - less beautiful are the habits that men have at home, and that women (obviously) hate

Coexistence is undoubtedly one of the most important steps you can decide to take in your love life: the initial enthusiasm, passion and curiosity are very strong, and in a certain sense they are often compensated by many small and annoying home habits that your boyfriend will have, and which you (of course) will hate.

Yes, because often some dynamics are destined to take a turn … unexpected, which does not always turn out to be completely pleasant, indeed.

Here then begins the dances of disorder that does not turn into order if not after a good fight, of the bulbs not changed, of the crumbs of food scattered on the floor like a new Tom Thumb, of the beds not made and of the dustbins never emptied, just to name a few.

These are certainly not the things capable of making us retrace our steps, but at the same time - every now and then - it also takes a gallery to browse to realize that the whole world is a country, and whoever lasts (perhaps) wins it.

The worst house habits of men

Taking out the garbage is certainly not part of the hypothetical top ten of the most pleasant household chores to do, but it is a necessary task in order not to end up buried alive by piles of garbage (and its stench). Yet, by a strange physical law, your boyfriend will hardly ever notice that the bin is full, almost overflowing, continuing undaunted to fill it, without making the effort to throw it away. Separate collection, then, remains an eternal unknown … but we must not even specify this.
2_Sedute in bagno
And then they say that women are slower than men! When your boyfriend locks himself in the bathroom, you already know from the start that there will be an almost infinite period of time, and that the entrance will be off limits at least for the next half hour (provided that the room has a window, otherwise you will will have to wait another half hour). Let's not add anything else, so as not to run the risk of making your appetite pass.
If it were up to your boyfriend, the whole of humanity would live in complete darkness: if a light bulb blows in the house, the replacement becomes almost naturally your responsibility … unless you are willing to wait geological eras before seeing the light again, not only at the end of the tunnel, but also in the dining room.
The doubt is legitimate: Does your boyfriend think that the laundry basket is some kind of bottomless hole? One really wonders, because - if it were up to him - the clothes would continue to accumulate without interruption … and above all without anyone taking care to give them a good wash. Needless to say, those very rare times when you give him precise instructions on how to make a washing machine, he will either put whites and colors together, or he will not hang anything out to dry. Simply because "You didn't tell me this!".
5_Residui unghie
Now, how long does it take to wash off the nails you cut just before from the bidet or sink? Two seconds? Five seconds? In any case, according to your boyfriend, they are still too many, since you will find the residues of his manicure almost everywhere, and you will have a hard time instilling in him the very simple concept at the basis of human life, whereby whoever dirties, then cleans.
Shoes piled up around all corners of the house, sweaters, jeans, T-shirts and socks of at least a week stacked on the sofa, armchairs and chairs … sometimes your apartment feels more like a battlefield, and every request - from the most shy to the more peremptory - that you advance to demand a little more order is destined either to fall miserably into the void, or to turn into an epochal quarrel.
7_Confezioni bagnoschiuma
Your shower cubicle (or, for the lucky ones, the corners of the tub) is a graveyard of empty shower gel and shampoo packs, which the man of the house refuses to throw away for some strange reason. Maybe they feel sorry for them? Do you probably collect them in secret? The reason remains a mystery; what is not a mystery, however, is the nervousness that rises to your head when - starting the water - you go to take the bottle of shower gel to wash yourself, realizing that it is dramatically empty. And here the censorship is a must.
8_Nottate divano
Many men like to get stoned in front of a television or computer late at night, even after you've gone to sleep… in your bed, of course. The clarification is due, because you will often find them the next morning still on the sofa, sore and incognito, while they will try to explain to you that "I didn't realize it, I was just resting my eyes!". The bad mood that will follow throughout the day is a kind gift from the company.
9_Carta igienica
How annoying it is from one to ten to find yourself without toilet paper and having to reduce yourself to using napkins, handkerchiefs or - horror, horror! - rolls of kitchen towels? Obviously this is not the case for your boyfriend, because he apparently takes a somewhat perverse pleasure in stubbornly not buying it (as well as not noticing that it is running out), and in forcing you to fall back on any replacement. At least until you make the effort to go to the supermarket.
10_Privacy violata
Locking yourself up (especially in the bathroom) when you live together is a bit of a contradiction, also because it goes without saying that the closed door is a fairly immediate synonym for "Hey, look, you mustn't go in!". Yet the double blow of the key will become necessary when, on the third time, your fiancé will disturb your peace by breaking in without knocking, and finding you… in other busy matters.
11_Vitalita bradipo
How many of you have ever - perhaps on the occasion of a splendid sunny weekend - wanted to plan trips, visits to exhibitions, afternoons in the park or simply to take a walk? And how many have had to collide with a boyfriend who (perhaps due to hangover from the previous evening) was stationed on the sofa wearing the vitality of a sleepy sloth, to say the least?
12_Dramma briciole
If you have a boyfriend who seems to be hungry 24/7, you may have seen him often wandering around the kitchen looking for something to nibble on, and so far so good. The evil begins when the chosen foods turn out to be also those with a high risk of shedding crumbs, a very concrete risk due to that particular aptitude to wander around the house chewing crackers, taralli and the like. Here then, from being a cohabiting partner, he will turn into a new Tom Thumb, heedless of the microscopic traces he scatters around and deaf in the face of your grievances: get ready, because in these cases the "Who, me?" is the most popular answer.

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