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How to get lucky in five steps
How to get lucky in five steps

Luck is possible, just stop complaining and follow these five tips

The expression never a joy has become commonplace, but if you want to attract luck you should immediately stop using it.

By repeating that things are not going well, in fact, an unhappy mechanism is triggered, which leads luck to move away from us. This is because by complaining we push our thoughts towards the (distorted) decision to experience more negative rather than positive events. time to rush to the remedies and attract luck to our side.

We explain how to get back to good luck in five steps.

1. Focus on what you want to happen

The first step to attract good luck and getting what you want is just really wanting it.

Focus on specific goals, through targeted planning and small intermediate goals, it leads to actions to achieve them. Everything you focus on grows.

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2. Think positive

Always thinking about the negative side of things inevitably leads you to believe that only that exists.

The consequence will be a self-fulfilling prophecy that could really lead to a series of unfortunate events.

For this reason it is important instead focus on the positive side of situations and look for, even in the worst situations, that part that could have a positive implication.

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3. Follow your instinct

We often think too much about the decisions to make.

To get luck on our side, sometimes it would be enough follow what the belly communicates to us.

Body sensations, which reflect our deepest soul, are able to make the best decisions for our happiness.


4. Acknowledge your mistakes

How many times have we accused the misfortune of being on our side?

We often tend to point out bad luck for a negative event that has happened to us and for which we do not hold ourselves responsible.

In fact, most of the time, it would be necessary to reflect on the situation to understand if we could have acted differently.

Recognize any error it would make it possible to modify it in the future and not to accuse fate unfairly.


5. Give thanks

Take a sheet and write down the reasons why you are grateful for life.

Even apparently small remarks such as "thank you because today is the sun" suffice.

Do this every day for at least two weeks to realize what you have.

Giving thanks means becoming aware of all the beautiful things that are part of our life and understand that luck only comes if you really want it.

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