Benetton launches the #UnitedByHalf campaign
Benetton launches the #UnitedByHalf campaign

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Benetton launches a new campaign for gender equality in India.

There safety and the gender equality are still taboo for women in many areas of the world, includingIndia, a nation in strong economic development but still conditioned by deeply rooted social and cultural stereoptypes. And it is precisely in this country that Benetton dedicates a special campaign, #UnitedByHalf, which will be launched on the occasion of International Women's Day.


In fact, India is one of the most important brands for the Italian brand, with a substantially target male, and it is precisely to men that the campaign speaks, contradicting the gender stereotypes that women would like to be a non-decision-making part of the couple and of society.#UnitedByHalf rejects half-truths and emphasizes the importance of equal rights: from security, to education, from a fair salary to being able to decide on one's own body and one's choices without "ifs" and without "buts". Women Empowerment Program, a concrete support project in favor of women that Benetton launched just over a year ago. The campaign, presented in February in India, will be launched globally on the occasion of March 8, a signal for women all over the world.

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