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Emma Watson's beauty, fashion and look secrets
Emma Watson's beauty, fashion and look secrets

Makeup, fashion, sports and diet: here are all Emma Watson's beauty secrets

Emma Watson she is loved by both men and women for her beauty and skill, of course, but also for her depth, which has transformed her into one of the most popular actresses on the contemporary scene.

Gone are the days when, armed with a wand, she ran through the corridors of Hogwarts with tousled hair, in the role of Hermione Granger, the faithful and very intelligent friend of Harry Potter.

Today Emma has grown up and from a promising girl she has become a woman capable of fueling debates and setting herself up as a champion of modern feminism.

All this without giving up her way of being, on the contrary - over time she has managed to find her own style, unmistakable, which combines taste, aesthetics and sustainability.

We went to browse her daily life, to reveal her beauty secrets.

Skin care

Emma cares a lot about her skin, which is always smooth and purified. The actress believes that have beautiful skin is the first step to looking radiant and knows how essential it is as a basis for a good make-up. This is why she invests more time and money in skin care than anything else, always keeping it clean and hydrated and using only products suitable for her skin type.

"My skin is very sensitive - he declared - So I have to be very careful and use delicate and natural products".


The make-up

«I love make up. I always used to make up my mom for her job interviews and even when I go out at night with my friends, I'm always doing them.

My specialty is to create a natural look, but I'm very good at everything, seriously,”the actress confessed in an interview, who however explained how her relationship with beauty products has changed over time.

“There's always so much pressure on how I look that when I have a chance not to worry about it I try not to wear any makeup at all. Sometimes I just put a little mascara and a lot of moisturizer».

tagli capelli viso ovale emma watson

The hair

Emma has always stood out for her changes of look, trying everything, from long hair to tomboy cuts, up to the helmet.

«It sounds ridiculous, but if you think about it, what I did with my hair has always reflected my mood of the period. Cutting them was the first emancipation from Harry Potter, but in the end they told me to make them grow, to be able to adapt to more roles,”revealed the star.

Emma Watson's diet

The actress does not follow a specific diet, but follows a healthy and balanced diet every day, which includes all types of food.

Its menu generally cuts nothing out: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins.

What it avoids are sugars and saturated fats, preferring fruits, vegetables and lightly processed foods.

This allows her to eat a little of everything, without major sacrifices, then burning any extra calories with exercise.

How to keep fit

The real secret of his lean physique is exercise.

Emma trains five days a week for at least 90 minutes, alternating cardio, pilates and weights activities.

Whenever he can, he goes for a run in the open air or plays field hockey (an old passion of his).

For the actress, doing all this sport is not a sacrifice, but a habit that has now become part of her daily routine. And the results are visible.

The sins of gluttony

In more than one interview, the star has declared that he does not like sacrifices.

True, he tries to eat healthy most of the time, but thanks to all the physical activity he does almost every day, he manages to indulge even a few whims without major sacrifices.

Among his favorite foods is Mexican, who almost never eats in England, but which he indulges every time he flies to America.

He loves pizza and Nutella and when it comes to drinks, nothing is better for her than gin and tonic.

Emma Watson's style

Emma has always stood out for her elegance and simplicity.

She prefers suits with trousers to sumptuous evening dresses and almost never wears bright colors, but always soft shades that match her soap and water look.

Lately, then, the actress has become the promoter of an eco-sustainable fashion, which reduces waste and preserves nature.

“It's a liberation, in a way. Because my options have so narrowed so much that I have to be more creative. I think it helped me dress better, because I have less choice, but what I wear is perfect for me ».

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