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Why does Leonardo Di Caprio invest in frozen food?
Why does Leonardo Di Caprio invest in frozen food?

Leonardo Di Caprio becomes an entrepreneur and invests in a frozen fish company to preserve the planet

Leonardo Dicaprio announced that it has invested in a business that sells frozen fish. The reason, all naturalistic.

The decision has to do, in fact, with his commitment to safeguarding the planet and ecosystems, as he himself confirmed.

LoveTheWild, this is the name of the company, is responsible for putting frozen farmed fish on the market, in order to limit the extinction of some species and, in general, fishing.

"The exploitation of the oceans has left many marine ecosystems on the brink of total collapse and is damaging our ability to use our seas as a reliable food source, as we have done for thousands of years," the star explains in a statement.

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The new business of Leonardo Di Caprio

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Di Caprio hopes to raise LoveTheWild's profile, not only by investing money, but also by focusing on its notoriety and following, in order to increase sales and get people to buy fish from sustainable farms instead. to continue with the depletion of those in the wild.
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    The struggle for the common good For years now, Leonardo Di Caprio has been fighting to save the planet from climate change, also due to reckless human behavior. Already a UN Messenger for Peace, last year the actor launched a documentary in which he raises the alarm on the current situation of the planet and tries to define what is causing this phenomenon. For this reason, also last year, he also met with President Obama to find a solution.

  • The stars for the planet Di Caprio is not the only one, nor the last, to have the fate of the Earth at heart and put his heart and money into other activities: Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company in 2012, a manufacturer of cosmetics and items for the care of body, eco-sustainable and free of toxic substances for humans and the environment; Emma Watson for the premiere of "Beauty and the Beast" around the world, has decided to wear only eco-sustainable clothes.
  • Leonardo Di Caprio and his girlfriends

    Concerns for the environment aside, for the actor it would seem a particularly peaceful period, both professionally and emotionally.

    Its relationship with the model Nina Agdal (young, beautiful, blonde and model) is stable, so much so that she has reached the threshold of the first year.

    Before her, a roundup of blondes, one more beautiful than the other.

    Do you remember them all?

    Leonardo Di Caprio and his women

    "I knew that for a man like me, falling in love was a big mistake." DiCaprio returns to work with Luhurmann as the charming and clumsy lover Jay Gatsby. To see while sipping champagne.
  • "The revived" “I am no longer afraid of dying. I'm already dead. ' The revenant is the film that finally brings the Oscar into the hands of Leo, who after having (amply) demonstrated his talent in difficult and very different roles, since (evidently) it was not enough, he fought with a bear, was Soaking in the cold and freezing cold, he spent hours on set crawling and gasping on the ground, got fat and slimmed the way Hollywood likes it, and even proved his feet on the ground by dedicating his Golden Globe to Native Americans. For strong stomachs, but an unmissable event for any fan who wants to define himself as such.

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