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Modern bathroom: 10 ideas to furnish it without making mistakes
Modern bathroom: 10 ideas to furnish it without making mistakes

Step by step, 10 products for a modern and functional bathroom furniture, without giving up designer touches

Choose a modern bathroom it means designing an environment intended for personal hygiene and capable of responding, at the same time, to requests for relaxation and practicality.

Definitely abandoned the meaning of "service room", in the contemporary home the role of the bathroom has undergone an incessant revolution in recent decades, becoming a central theme of interior architecture. Fundamental and essential performance tends to be increasingly associated with additional equipment, to transform it, where possible, into a small home spa.

In small homes, designing a modern bathroom implies a careful selection of accessories and bathroom fixtures, to bring needs and style together. Often a modern bathroom can also become an intelligent bathroom, thanks to ingenious solutions, multifunctional furnishings and even irreverent accessories. For example, don't you like to listen to your favorite music in the shower safely?

10 ideas for furnishing a modern bathroom

Available in a wide range of colors, it has a bas-relief flower on the bottom. "Like a Chinese porcelain, like a fountain in an Arab garden," say the designers.
Available in 21 sizes, it is an innovative product because it uses "Ideal Solid", a practical, resistant and scratch-resistant material made from a mixture of natural minerals and resins.
It combines the WC-bidet functions in a single element, making the Japanese tradition its own. Intimate hygiene is guaranteed by sophisticated devices, integrated directly into the ceramic.
Formal immediacy and modularity are the essence of this system, consisting of a few pieces capable of giving life to 7 distinct lines. «The Isy collection - illustrate the designers - is a reduction project that revolutionizes the classic methods of technical design». Also single-lever.
In combination with the Lago Linea shelf, this mirror, also suitable for creating a beauty area in the bedroom, becomes an opening door behind which there is a useful storage compartment.
Conceived to facilitate cleaning, this new collection designed by the Italian designer duo comes from a mix of formats, with decorations engraved on the piece. There are many mounting possibilities and graphic patterns.
On the market since 2016, this Meisterstück freestanding bathtub is made of precious Alpine White enamelled steel and allows you to bathe even as a couple.
With polished steel finishes, Compono is a system of containers for the bathroom with doors, drawers and open compartments that can be adapted to all contexts.
Contemporary silhouette for this bathroom lighting fixture, to be placed on the wall. It is available in the Curva up and Curva down versions to convey light upwards or into the bathroom respectively, depending on the insertion point in the bathroom.
Feel like singing in the shower? In a modern bathroom, this speaker speaker cannot be missing, adaptable to all shower models. It uses the bluetooth wireless system and allows you to listen to your favorite playlist without worries.

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