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Ten things not to do when a man lets you down
Ten things not to do when a man lets you down

After the first love burns you become more closed and cynical: here's how to react to go back to living love properly even after a man has disappointed you

Once upon a time love was a "good the first": the first important story was the one that would later become that of life.

Now it doesn't work like that anymore, the stories that break are many and in different periods of life. It's up to you to pick up the pieces and start over and that's why sometimes you lose hope or worse you become cynical and angry with the male gender.

We explain to you why you shouldn't build a concrete barrier around your heart and never stop believing that the right story for you is out there waiting for you.

Here are ten things you should immediately stop doing.

Thinking negatively

pensare negativamente

For those who see the future in a negative way, life never holds anything good, if you never smile and if you have begun to see the negative side of all things, you will not attract anything positive towards you.

Do not think that your life is sad because your stories have failed, it does not depend on you, it happens, enjoy your period of singleness, go out with friends, do not think about what it will be, just live.

Hate the male gender

odiare il genere maschile

Generalizing is never good, men are not all the same, perhaps you have always considered only one category, that of assholes.

Taking note of this right truth, stop saying that they are all the same, it is like saying that you are identical to that shampist of your neighbor or to your cousin who is engaged to the classmate from the first high school.

Men are not all the same and the world is full of interesting people, just know that.

Living in the past

vivere nel passato

Living in the past means not living, not moving forward. So stop mentioning your ex three hundred times a second or searching your phone book for all your ex-flirts to resurrect.

You may not know what the future holds for you, but this is the beautiful thing, going through a series of new emotions that you absolutely cannot foresee, like surprise parties, you should be happy to experience new emotions.

Just throw yourself into work

buttarsi sul lavoro

Please don't become one of those who spend their lives in the office to protect themselves from feelings and barricade themselves behind a computer.

Ok that career is important, but you can't live on work alone, you can't take your pc to bed, of course it also warms up when it's on but not exactly like a male being who breathes, preferably with abs.

Playing with masculine feelings

giocare con i loro sentimenti

It is not a competition to see who earns the most bad points, and if your ex has behaved badly you don't have to turn yourself into a super heroine who, in order to get revenge on one, decides to punish everyone she meets from here to eternity.

Especially if you start picking on good guys who don't deserve to pay what another has done. Get respected, but don't blame the genre a priori.

Playing the cynical woman

interpretare la donna cinica

Don't pretend to be what you are not, don't immerse yourself in the part of the heartless and feelingless woman who just wants one night's adventures and who feels strong to swerve them as if they were trophies. Especially if that's not what you really want.

Do not transform yourself into something you are not, it would be like a bad make-up, you can see that there is something else underneath.

Gossip about your partners

sparlare come dei camionisti

Another very sad thing is women gossiping about their adventures in trucker mode, there is nothing worse than making fun of your partners for size, durability and performance when you know full well that you don't want to get the same treatment and that there is nothing mature about this.

In short, every now and then there are some jokes but you don't have to demolish them all with the hammer, it's not a competitive points race.

Don't get offered dinner

non farsi offrire la cena

Every time you do this millions of women around the world are hating you because next time that male being, traumatized by your reaction, will not offer dinner to another woman.

He's not buying you, there's nothing you have to prove, it's not chauvinism, it's gallantry, please don't kill that too, let's defend it, let's preserve it.

Barricade yourself in the house

barricarsi in casa

Like throwing yourself at work, locking yourself up at home will not protect you from anything, on the contrary it will deprive you of living and rebuilding a new life.

A period of loneliness after a disappointment is there, but if time passes it becomes depression and risks becoming a disease: force yourself to go out, go for a run, buy yourself a dog to take out, feel old friends.

Remember that the walls of the house, even if they make you feel safe, are not a solution.

Make the race to see who earns the most

fare la gara a chi guadagna di piu

Ok, equal rights is still far away but in love proving that you earn more will not make you better, it is not a battle of Unique model or invoices, you do not have to prove that you are independent and more career than him.

Bonus competition, leave it out of your stories, it has nothing to do with feelings, no one is questioning your worth and you are certainly not a share package to buy.

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