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Valentino: the magic for Autumn-Winter 2017/18
Valentino: the magic for Autumn-Winter 2017/18

Pierpaolo Piccioli once again amazes the public with a show that combines mathematics with Victorian romanticism. We tell you about the show

The parade of Valentino is one of the most anticipated moments during the Paris fashion week. An important moment that celebrates fashion in its truest essence.

The collection forAutumn-Winter 2017/18 it combines opposite poles to tell a sophisticated balance. The rationality of mathematics meets the inspiration of the imagination, the Victorian style the color and originality of Memphis group.

Mathematics + Memphis = fashion

valentino 2

The numerical digits and the design of Nathalie Du Pasquier - member of the famous Memphis design movement, the school of Ettore Sottsass - inspire a couple of pop look. They are fresh, lively, new.

The Maison's aristocratic savoir-faire borders on a colorful, eccentric landscape, while maintaining a studied, precise and never out of place decor.

On the catwalk, pastel shades meet dark


Lilac, pink, aqua green and yellow: the colors are a mix between pastel and acid shades, they are designed for the rainy season, for the gray of the days that are getting shorter. As if to remember the warmth of spring, its calm and positive shades.

The monochrome finds its opposite in makeup, strong and decisive, and in accessories. Particularly feminine matching boots, for example, alternate with revisited amphibians.


While the decadent inspiration becomes contemporary

valentino 1

"The past is full of possibilities, it is the gaze with which it is observed that makes it alive". Past, present and future: Pierpaolo Piccioli it speaks to us of an approach, of a conjunction between what was and what will be.

And it is precisely the clothes that convey this a subtle yet fundamental message. We do not forget what we are but neither what we want to be.

Velvet, Victorian prints blend in soft silhouettes, it is a decisive attitude and it is the one that belongs to the new generations.

Dialogue is at the heart of the new Valentino and the audience can not help but get lost in another, very long applause.

A parterre of stars

Guests from Valentino

bianca brandolini dadda
And Matilde Gioli. Industry influencers and international personalities, you can find them all in the gallery.

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