Teresa Romagnoli: At the cinema I learned what it is like to have two fathers
Teresa Romagnoli: At the cinema I learned what it is like to have two fathers

Teresa Romagnoli is the debut actress who plays the daughter of Marco Giallini and Alessandro Gassmann in Blessed Ignorance. "And, thanks to this film," he says, "I understood who I look like"


"I've always dreamed of being an actress," she says Teresa Romagnoli, 25 years old. Her first film is now in theaters: it is Beata ignoranza and sees her alongside three great names in Italian cinema, Marco Giallini, Alessandro Gassmann and Carolina Crescentini. Her role is that of a daughter: Giallini is the father who raised her, Gassmann the biological parent. They hate each other and have two opposite views of social networks: the first hates them, the other doesn't. How old were you when you opened your Facebook profile? "Sixteen. A friend had returned from a trip abroad and revealed this world to me. After a few years I took off. I went back for professional reasons. If you are an actress, you cannot ignore social networks. I obtained some auditions through the curriculum published on the Net ». Is she also a chat goer? "No. I would never have the courage to meet a man known on the internet, I would be afraid. But with enormous surprise I discovered that many women I know, between 20 and 35 years old, are regular visitors ».

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Why do you think so many people make their acquaintances like this?“I think it depends on a certain loneliness. Choosing someone in chat is like buying a dress online, you fall in love with a photograph, but you don't know what it will look like until you try it on ».Between the two fathers, on the other hand, which one do you think you are most like?«To Giallini. Because I also find that the life we ​​see on social networks is not always authentic

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