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Rainbow hair underneath, hidden, short, how to do it
Rainbow hair underneath, hidden, short, how to do it

Give your hair the magical shades of the rainbow with rainbow hair, the coolest multicolored hair trend of the moment

Rainbow hair

Rainbow hair represents one of the most beautiful and original hair trends of the last moment. On a generally bleached basis, strand by strand the hair is dyed in different colors creating original shades.

From the intense shades of primary colors to the lighter shades of pastel colors through extremely shaded and opalescent effects - such as the famous mermicorn hair - rainbow hair enlivens the hair with different styles every time.

Rainbow hair: the most beautiful ideas to copy


For create rainbow hair it is necessary to isolate each lock from the others with aluminum foil and apply the product homogeneously and then respect the installation times indicated and rinse the color carefully, until the water is clear. To close the hair cuticles well and seal the color, rinse with cold water for the last time.

This operation is rather laborious - but not impossible - if therefore you do not feel safe with direct bleaches and pigments. rely on your hairdresser: he will surely be able to create the perfect rainbow hair for you!

If, on the other hand, you want to experience the thrill of wearing the rainbow on your hair for a day, try the color sprays for temporary hair, which can be removed with a simple shampoo but still give a beautiful effect on the hair.

How to do rainbow hair: recommended products

capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (8)
A complete kit that allows you to lighten your hair at home by creating the perfect base for colored pigments.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (5)
The set of the iconic British cosmetic house is one of the most famous for creating ad hoc bleaching, perfect as a base for rainbow hair.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (1)
A lightening cream equipped with a special applicator brush that allows you to blend the color to the fullest, creating a shaded effect on the hair.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (2)
Also in this case we find a complete kit with specific applicator able to create a "highlights" effect at home, on which it is then possible to apply the colored pigments.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (7)
The semi-permanent hair colors of this brand are offered in 34 shades of color. They are applied on damp bleached hair and after 15 minutes of application they give an intensely colored hair. With a practical gel texture, they are easily applied and do not drip. The estate is excellent.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (4)
Semi-permanent dyes with the most flamboyant and original shades. The product is easily applied and gives hair that is not only colored but also softer and nourished thanks to the plant-based formula.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (9)
American brand based in New York, founded by Trish and Snooky, historical members of the band Blondie. Among the many products of the brand, vegan hair colors based on direct pigments stand out. Excellent.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (11)
Direct pigments without ammonia and without oxidants that color and nourish the hair thanks to chroma-cream technology. They are applied very easily and last from 2 to 15 shampoos depending on their base color. The proposed colors are 12.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (3)
High density direct colors intended for professional use. These are excellent products for reflecting, re-pigmenting and intensifying your base color by creating plays of color. Only at hairdressers.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (10)
Do you want to see each other different for a day? Try colored hair sprays! Available in 7 colors and with a light tech formula, they are easy to apply. They are vaporized, left to dry and brushed lightly to make the look more natural. They are removed with a normal shampoo and do not stain. They will surprise you.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (14)
Illuminating spray colors with a glowy, iridescent and metal effect, perfect for creating a real "hair make-up" every day. Available in 4 trendy colors to be maxed out at will.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (6)
Direct coloring - available in large bottles or disposable sachets - is applied to the hair as a colored regenerating pack. It colors the hair perfectly between one color and another and makes the hair extra soft and disciplined. Available in many color variations, it is a top product for those with rainbow hair, but also for those who choose extra natural shades.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (12)
A specific treatment for dyed hair that intensifies the reflections between one color and another, also taking care of the hair thanks to the latest generation active ingredients.
capelli arcobaleno prodotti consigliati (13)
Are you bored of rainbow hair? Treat them with this specific shampoo able to "take away" the direct pigments that cover the hair. It is used as a common hair cleanser, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The operation must be repeated several times for an intense fade effect.

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