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Natalie Portman make up: the best beauty looks of the actress
Natalie Portman make up: the best beauty looks of the actress

Sophisticated and feminine beauty looks, with a star gaze: discover Natalie Portman's make-up

Natalie Portman she is one of Hollywood's most loved young prodigy actresses.

From her performance in Léon at the age of thirteen, to the numerous films in which she starred up to the awards she won: the appreciation for Natalie's great talent is boundless.

In 2017 she returns to the big screen by taking the role of Jacqueline Kennedy, one of the most beloved US first ladies whose life is told by the film Jackie, which earned the actress another Oscar nomination.

That innate elegance that made her the ideal candidate to play Jackie Kennedy is the same that we find in every beauty look, characterized by sophisticated make-up that does not give up on personality.

Discover i most fascinating beauty looks by Natalie Portman in the gallery.

Natalie Portman: the most beautiful beauty looks

A nuance is enough to give depth to Natalie's look who chooses blue in a metallic finish to outline the look.
The delicate smokey eyes in shades of warm brown is made precious by purple glitter reflections along the lower lash line and by a metallic blue pencil stroke along the upper one.
The fresh, feminine and lively shade is applied to the mobile eyelid and stretched outwards like a stroke of eyeliner.
The make-up with sepia brown smokey eyes with frost reflections is combined with an intense dark red lipstick, while the beauty look is completed by a really chic disheveled crop.
Natalie wears an intense and sophisticated look, creating an iridescent shading on the eyes with shades of purple and blue.
Delicate and hyper feminine beauty look for the actress who chooses a bright light green eyeshadow to apply on the mobile eyelid.
The beauty look that has always distinguished her is luminous and natural, with glowy skin, black doe-like eyelashes and pink lips.
Emblem of sophisticated beauty, Natalie focuses on natural and luminous shades for the eyes, such as golden beige, and on feminine but characterful colors, such as peony pink on the lips.
The actress also amazes with more dramatic looks, such as smokey eyes that bring the shade of black to the outer corner of the eye and concentrate the brown one in the inner corner.
She never gives up on having eyelashes that are the protagonists of her beauty look, for a close-up look, thanks also to her eyebrows, perfectly groomed and elongated towards the temples.

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