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Eighties make-up and hair: the beauty trend of Spring Summer
Eighties make-up and hair: the beauty trend of Spring Summer

Spring Summer 2017 celebrates the beauty look of the 80s, revisiting its volumes, the use of bold colors and the passion for everything that glitters. We explain the details of this trend

The 80s makeup and hair they return to be protagonists on the catwalk and conquer trends, inspired by an era made of luxury and excesses, attracted by color, metallic reflections, glossy finishes and a certain attitude to disguise.

The stylists have proposed on the Spring / Summer 2017 catwalks different interpretations of those years full of hedonism, individualism and a lot of creativity, in which the watchword was "exaggerate": let's see them in detail.

80s makeup

As for the make-up, this season the extra intense eye makeup, the metallic accents, the blush in shock colors applied up to the temples and the glossy lips in luminous shades.

On the eyes, burgundy or brown tints stand out, but also powders in bright colors applied with abstract shapes that go beyond the profile of the eyelids. All made current by the nude, light and transparent bases, but also by products with a velvety and melting finish.

THE touches of metal they affect eye make-up but also blushes and hyper-luminous lands, and have the function of creating points of light rather than loading the make-up.

The cheekbones and cheeks are highlighted by brushstrokes in bold shades, such as shocking pink or candy, but are applied according to the rules of sculpting, to play with shadows and volumes.

Finally, the lips are enhanced by glossy lipsticks ultra glossy finish, often in cherry red or baby pink. The big difference with the original versions is the non-sticky textures and long lasting formulas.

80s hair

Hair stylists drew heavily on that iconic decade: exaggerated volumes, ultra flat sleek look, severe side stripes but also dreadlocks inspired by club culture e side tails.

All extremely reinterpreted, updated and "lightened" by hyper natural and never "glued" textures as well as an obsessive attention to a soft, non-artificial result.

The most beautiful '80s beauty looks

Discover in the gallery all the beauty trends inspired by the 80s to inspire you: 80s makeup and 80s hair today are a must.

Back to the 80s: the beauty trend of Spring 2017

A powder eyeshadow, in an elegant shade between mauve and burgundy, enhances light eyes and red hair, highlighting even the delicate complexion. We like this shaded version that creates a halo of color, illuminated by the lips in nuances with a luminous finish.
Another close up of the eye make-up in burgundy enhanced by the combination of lips in an intense brick color.
The spirit of the 80s is embodied in this make-up focused on the eyes, designed by the eyeshadow in different shades of bright purple spread up to the temples like a mask.
The 80s passion for bright color and make-up is back, intended as a complementary accessory to the shades of the outfit. Pearly lilac for the eyes and a touch of transparent light on the lips: to copy right away!
Androgynous warmed by a soft eye make-up in earth tones illuminated by metallic touches: perfect on black emsembles and to be completed with maximalist accessories such as the black and silver boules necklace.
Perfect embodiment of the 80s music star style this beauty look composed of loose, fluffy hair styling, all rolled up on one side. Combined with abstract-inspired eye make-up, obtained by applying the hyper pigmented cream eyeshadow with a geometric shape.
The 80s beauty codes summarized in a perfect beauty look for a summer full of musical appointments: bold pink blush applied to the cheekbones and the outside of the eyes, inner corner of the eyelids illuminated by metallic touches, hyper glossy lips in pink and lateral tail. All completed by the baseball cap worn with the visor on one side.
A more romantic and delicate version of the previous beauty look: the side tail is the perfect choice to enhance accessories such as macro ball earrings and a baseball cap.
The blush and face sculpting are an icon of 80s makeup taken up by many stylists for this season. The shocking pink blush redefines the contours of the face by sculpting the cheekbone in a floral shade and creating a focus on the gaze band. Perfect match with bright red gloss.
A bold and bright color combination, just like the 80s. But also ultra feminine and floral-inspired: the blush is applied on the sides of the face and also on the eyelids. The cherry-colored gloss gives volume and color to the mouth.
The hyper-glossy lips take up a classic of 80s make-up and revisit it thanks to softer and more satin formulations, which illuminate without sticking. We like the unusual combination with a pink palette that makes the look feminine and deep.
Full volume hair, loose, pulled to one side and worked into almost choppy curls. The final effect is very contemporary thanks to the soft and airy texture.
Wild hair, straightened on the side to enhance its volume, and lengths worked with a very soft frisé effect.
A crop that recalls the heroines of 80s cinema: wavy hair twisted on the head with a messy effect that today goes perfectly with ethereal and romantic looks.
Beloved in the 80s, the rockabilly style was very popular especially for creating androgynous looks, inspired by stars like Nick Kamen. This soft and slightly disheveled version is beautiful and current, perfect for a day look to be completed with a satin lipstick in a cyclamen shade.
Macro version dark glasses and loose hair, perfectly disciplined by the side line. An 80s code that has become a timeless classic.
The 1980s marked the birth, and the enormous success, of the androgynous style. Which returns today with the masculine look combined with the loose hairstyle, defined with the gel, and with a proud look framed by thick eyebrows like Brooke Shields.
Another example of an androgynous and gritty beauty look, characterized by loose hair with roots governed by the gel and an intense look framed by thick eyebrows.
The straight lengths with lead, even and illuminated by the wet effect gel were much loved in the 80s: in this Spring Summer 2017 version the texture is revisited with a lighter and more natural finish.
This beauty look inspired by the first rave scene, which formed in New York in the late 1980s and became a planetary movement in the following decade, features the elaborate hairstyle of multicolored dreadlocks and makeup that flirts with glitter and glossy elements., true passion of that decade.

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