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Chypre perfumes: meaning, characteristics and history
Chypre perfumes: meaning, characteristics and history

The history and meaning of fragrances classified in the olfactory family of chypre perfumes

Chypre perfumes: meaning and the scent of Coty

The history of chypre perfumes began in 1917, when the French perfume house Coty launched the perfume on the market Chypre, a tribute to Cyprus. With this fragrance, Coty wanted to recreate the scents and atmospheres of the Mediterranean island.

In Italy, i chypre perfumes they are commonly translated as "powdery perfumes" creating a linguistic ambiguity. Chypre fragrances, in fact, are not at all talc perfumes that recall the notes of face powder.

There classic structure of chypre perfumes provides a fresh and aromatic opening, with notes of bergamot, a flowered heart to the pink and a fund of oak moss.

Over time, this structure has evolved. Often the top notes have taken on a greener connotation with galbanum, spicy or aldehyde. The flowery heart was enriched with jasmine, while the base notes became more woody.

The modern chypre perfume: all the best fragrances of this olfactory family

THE chypre perfumes represent the timeless elegance of classic French perfumery and today they are much rarer than they used to be.

The new regulations have in fact restricted the use of oak moss and today synthetic molecules are used to try to reproduce that typical base note.

Are you curious to find out what the chypre perfumes for women? Browse the gallery and let yourself be tempted by the best classic fragrances.

Chypre perfumes: the best fragrances

profumi chypre mitsouko
The first fruity chypre in history, with a golden opening of ripe peaches and a base of oak moss.
profumi chypre chanel
A green chypre, with galbanum opening, a heart of rose and iris and a woody and musky background.
bandit piguet profumi chypre
A revolutionary perfume that adds leather notes to the chypre structure.
Miss Dior profumi chypre
The classic formula of the chypre perfume, with galbanum as a top note, a floral heart with jasmine and oakmoss as a base note.
Clinique profumi chypre
An intense chypre perfume that does not leave indifferent, with an aldehyde and spicy opening.
amouage profumi chypre
A tribute of excellence to the great tradition of classic chypre perfumes by niche perfumery.
profumi chypre hermes caleche
All the beauty of a timeless classic, with a flowery heart and a woody base.
Estee Lauder profumi chypre
A variation on the particularly elegant and feminine chypre structure, with a sweet and floral heart.
Givenchy profumi chypre
A great classic of the brand and of the history of perfumery, with the classic chypre structure. Green opening of galbanum and aldehydes, pink in the heart and oak moss in the bottom.
profumy chypre rochas femme
A classic fragrance of the great French perfumery, with an elegant and old-time structure.
profumi chypre Paloma Picasso
A classic chypre perfume with top notes of bergamot and spices, a floral heart and the inevitable oak moss.
cabochard profumi chypre
The structure takes up that typical of chypre perfumes, but intense notes of leather are added that create a fascinating contrast.

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