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The Bottega Veneta fashion show
The Bottega Veneta fashion show

Dream dresses, warm shades and supermodels, we tell you about the show

The silent and timeless elegance of Bottega Veneta walk the catwalk to theAutumn-Winter 2017/18.

The influences are varied, the shoulders are the starting point of the collection, they underline the safety of one mature and determined woman, define the clothes in their innumerable variations.

The main historical periods are the 40s and 80s, both periods in which the shoulders of clothes played a crucial role.

The colors are those of autumn


The warm shades of the autumn season like intense yellow and orange are the protagonists of some of the strongest looks of the catwalk. Wide capes worn open define one fluid silhouette, flawless.

They are combined with simplified complements, high-necked sweaters, slightly oversized trousers, suits and matching accessories.

That feminine retro touch


The reference to the 40s, at a time when women's dresses were designed to emphasize the silhouette of the female body, to highlight the shoulders and waist.

The proposals for the next season of Tomas Maier they are precious, defined by meticulous details, they take the viewer back in time showing a refinement far from the everyday.

And then the Oscar releases

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A series of long, sumptuous and brilliant evening dresses light up the show and excite the audience. Designed for i most prestigious red carpets, once again underline a unique craftsmanship, proof of a Made in Italy at its highest levels.

That of Bottega Veneta it is luxury in the most literal meaning of the term, it is the ability to transform precious fabrics into garments and accessories that know neither age nor trends. Eternal must haves.

Top models on the catwalk


Mariacarla Boscono and Eva Herzigova bring their natural savoir-faire to the catwalk, women with intense charm and strong personalities, best represent the universe of Bottega Veneta.

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