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Oscar 2017 beauty look: the most beautiful make up and hairstyles
Oscar 2017 beauty look: the most beautiful make up and hairstyles

Vintage hair and eyes in the foreground for the beauty looks of the stars at the 2017 Oscars. Discover the most beautiful make-up and hair styles seen on the red carpet

It was a long evening that of the 2017 Oscars which saw the protagonist Emma Stone, awarded as best actress for "La La Land". Emma wore a make-up that was up to the situation but the other stars - from Viola Davis to Michelle Williams to Charlize Theron - were no less.

I make up

The smokey eyes in all the shades of brown, black and burgundy they put the gaze of the divas in the foreground. For example, Heilee Steinfeld, Ruth Negga, Kirsten Dunst and Chrissy Teigen chose him. A line of eyeliner (Jessica Biel) or extra long lashes (Brie Larson) also gives a prominent role to eye makeup.

The hairstyles

Full volume hairstyles - Halle Berry's new curls are beautiful - or super short cuts like the pixie cut by Michelle Williams or the super cool one by Scarlett Johansson. Never as for this edition have the stars enjoyed showing off new and unusual looks, in any case beautiful. Oversized tufts - Charlize Theron in pole position - and more comfortable and versatile chignon are the hair looks that have conquered the fans.

The most beautiful beauty looks

We have compiled our ranking of the most beautiful beauty looks of the divas. Ready to discover the most beautiful make-up and hairstyles of Hollywood actresses? Browse the gallery.

Oscar 2017 beauty and hair look: our awards

emma stone ok
Best actress for "La La Land" and best beauty look of the evening, delicate but effective, that of Emma Stone. We also like the wavy hair style that evokes the classic hairstyles of the thirties. Make up by NARS.
hailee steinfeld
The focus is on Hailee Steinfeld's gaze, sporting bold, well-defined eyebrows.
A make-up in the name of shades of red and burgundy for Ruth Negga. Who chooses the same color for Valentino's dress too.
scarlett johannson
An edition full of surprises for hairstyling. Scarlett Johansson catches the eye with this boyish cut, darker at the base and blond on the lengths. Make up by NARS.
Janelle Monae
Pink with golden tips, Janelle Monae's manicure conquers the red carpet.
No to rigor, yes to comfortable hairstyles that leave some free locks. Alicia Vikander's chignon is really versatile.
Karlie Kloss
Moved and divided by a central line for a timeless elegance, Karlie Kloss's hair is among the most beautiful.
Perfectly matched to her hair color and dress, the red lipstick award goes to Emma Roberts.
felicity jones
Felicity Jones has a real passion for peachy or deep pink lipsticks. It is not surprising to see lip makeup in this shade also for the red carpet of the Oscars.
michelle williams
Absolutely the best short cut in all of Hollywood. Congratulations, Michelle Williams!
Brie Larson
What a look, Brie Larson! The very long lashes certainly do not go unnoticed. Make up by NARS.
Halle Berry
Halle Berry amazes everyone by parading on the red carpet with a new haircut featuring lots of super voluminous curls.
Voluminous, halfway between the eighties style and the fifties mood, Charlize Theron's tuft is the most beautiful of all.
It is definitely her signature look: nude, because she is always very elegant, in pink and bronze tones. To copy the make-up of Dakota Johnson.
A feminine and classic make-up for Jessica Biel that highlights the look by tracing a long black line on the upper line.
A very black kajal highlights Kirsten Dunst's eye contour and is then blended to create a soft smokey eyes.
We like the tuft that covers the forehead enlivened by light copper red lightening. The hair look award goes to Viola Davis who takes home the statuette for best supporting actress.
Chrissy Teigen
For her Chrissy Teigen beauty look, choose the colors that best suit her such as dark brown, mixed with a darker shade for the eyes, and a beige lipstick for the lips.
Pink, very bright - just like the eyeshadow applied all over the eyelid - the best transparent and shiny lipstick is that of Salma Hayek.

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