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The best of Milan Fashion Week
The best of Milan Fashion Week

Milan fashion week ends. Between positive messages, new revelations and many events, this is what struck us

Milan and his Fashion Week they are one of the most popular destinations for international buyers and press. This year the news did not disappoint expectations.

From intense social messages - we told you about Missoni - to the new generations, who during the last season made their voices heard both on the catwalk and during the various events organized and supported by WHITE, Fashion Room And Mercedes Benz. The Milanese panorama seems to have discovered one new energy.

In the gallery you will find the best of the latter Milan Fashion Week.

Milan: the best of of the fashion week

marco de vincenzo
Ecological fur with illustrated landscape. Dreamy and romantic.
Serapian FW1718 (1)
A real leap for the design of the Made in Italy brand. The lines veer towards a retro influence while the logo becomes central.
01 MARNI FW 17-18 Rush Image
A new era for the Swiss brand. The highlight are the square toe ankle boots and the revisited classic suits.
The collaboration with the Polish artist Goshka Macuga gives voice to a message that combines tailoring and social sense. The styling is curated by Lori Girgenti and the Via Olona space is perfect for presentation.
Clean and refined silhouettes, studied details and classic nuances. When we say elegance.
The collaboration of the eyewear brand with Christian Roth starts from the concept of “deconstructed Bauhaus” to get to obtain essential shapes, communicated with an ever more defined creativity.
The inspiration is the Nomads Ghashghai and Bakhtiari, peoples who live in the desert with strong craft traditions. The colors and details of their homes, in particular, have influenced this collection that speaks of exotic and quality.
benedetta barzini
Benedetta Barzini (model and journalist) on the catwalk during the live performance of the show.
jimmy choo
The golden alternative to lace-up ankle boots. From jeans to evening dresses: a passepartout.
max mara
The aesthetic codes of the brand highlighted in a single look. The camel class also wins for 2017.
A new model for the designer who aims at synthesis, both in terms of shapes and colors.
RICOSTRU ai17-18.1
The lines are soft and the fabrics reflect an interesting light. Discreet charm.
simone rainer
The triangle represents perfection, in its being par excellence non-deformable and in a certain sense pure. The designer's new collection develops an essential and at the same time refined line starting from this geometry.
Fulvio Rigoni's Ferragamo aims at essentiality. And the total black look is the perfect example.
luisa spagnoli
The first line of eyewear entirely curated and designed by the brand.
Georgia arrives in Milan thanks to WHITE and brings rigorous lines and basic color palettes to the catwalk. The cuts are the strong point of the new collection.
Animal print, black velvet laces and stiletto heel. Among the models to mark for next season.
The show of the Roman designer is one of the most interesting of the season. Not only the ability to break out of the stereotype to follow new paths, but also the ability to send a positive message through their leaders.
The utility version trench coat: to be worn 24 hours a day. Already a must in the essential wardrobe.
The model is called Hashtag and is defined thanks to the floral details that decorate and embellish the mini crossbody shape. Original at the right point.
The Thousand and One Nights look, bright without exaggeration. The shades are warm and the profiles are feminine.
The calm and refined femininity of the ensemble.
bianchi nardi borsa
Tuscan craftsmanship is combined with a particular attention to detail and design.
One of the most interesting Italian designers on the Italian scene returns to work with the aim of creating timeless garments for the brand. To create "a luxury that doesn't scream".
erika cavallini
The bright colors and the prints that bring to mind the chic tapestries of grandma's house.
bertoni 1949
A brand that makes quality and research its battle horses. The variants for next autumn are a dream in the drawer for lovers of retro style.
roberto cavalli
The return to the origins of the brand. The dark version is the one that convinced us the most.
The brand celebrates a real relaunch with a double show. To be reported as another important moment of the Milanese fashion week.
For Restless Sleepers FW17-18 – 14
Russia in the 19th century as a backgound, the elegance of the bourgeoisie as a point of arrival. Among the most sophisticated looks of the week.
In burgundy velvet, the jumpsuit interrupts the monotony of the dress giving the look a bold touch that doesn't hurt.
Lucio Vanotti_FW1718_look_15
The new face of Italian haute couture.
PHAEDO_20170223_0018 copy
A collection that involved Zhuzhu and his creative team for three years before seeing the light. There is research and interaction (the presentation was a real installation) and that authentic aesthetic that makes the difference.
john richmond
A capsule made up of essential items according to John, "more than a collection a real wardrobe, a series of recognizable items".
angel chen
Chen's modern tribe was chosen from among six Chinese designers to show during Milan Fashion Week. Thanks to the Mercedes-Benz International Designer Exchange Program, young talents on an international scale have the opportunity to make themselves known to an ever-growing audience by parading in the main fashion capitals.
Martina Grasselli's is a real leap for the collection dedicated to Autumn-Winter 2017. In addition to shoes, bags are also presented (two models, our favorite is the belt bag in the photo) and a clothing line, the all expertly designed and made in Italy.

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