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The Missoni fashion show for Fall-Winter 2017/18
The Missoni fashion show for Fall-Winter 2017/18

The brand launches a strong message and does it directly on the catwalk

Not just knitwear, not just color: the protagonist of the latest show by Missoni And the reaction. A reaction that arises from what is happening around us, starting with the countless marches for women's rights in recent weeks.

The collection for Autumn-Winter 2017/18 then turns into a message conveyed by the high manufacturing of the garments and their natural positivity.

Symbols are important


Missoni has always been one of the brands, if not the brand, pay attention to human values that go beyond the garments and the catwalks. A close-knit family that has been working together day after day for several generations and that always knows how to tell positive stories.

For the latest releases, the models wear a simple, wide knitted sweater. Two the symbols that define them: That of the feminism, to underline the commitment and value of the latest social movements against a politics and a society that tends to forget about it, e two hearts covering the breast, a symbol of censorship in the days of Instagram and social networks.


#Pussyhat to break the silence


Each seat corresponds a cap, is pink in color and takes the shape of the pussyhat, knitted hat became real symbol of the women's protests of the last period.

That of Missoni it is a simple and direct message: breaking down walls, breaking down barriers and, above all, telling a solidarity that fashion must be the spokesperson for.

The ending is an invitation to stay

missoni cappellini

One of the moments that unites all the shows is the final one: after the applause and the designer's exit, those present get up quickly from their seats and run towards the exit. Another fashion show, an appointment, an event. There is always something that takes them somewhere else.

What happens from Missoni And an invitation to stay. At the end of the parade Angela Missoni makes her exit on the catwalk surrounded by the whole family, speaks into a microphone in a clear and sincere way and invites the public to join her, to demonstrate that the world of fashion is united and fearless and is ready to defend women's rights like this like those of the weakest.

"People have the power" plays loud and those present are moved to the center of the room.

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