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Versace: the Fall-Winter 2017/18 fashion show
Versace: the Fall-Winter 2017/18 fashion show

Donatella Versace sends a new woman on the catwalk for next season. Here is the recap of the show

Fluorescent nuances and dark colors, day and night parade the protagonists of the new collection forAutumn-Winter 2017/18 from Versace.

At the forefront of the sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, Mariacarla Boscono and, in front row Naomi Campbell.

A message for the public

versace 17

During the last fashion weeks The messages proposed on the catwalk by the stylists have been many. A reaction to everything that is happening in the world, both politically and socially.

Donatella Versace decides to break the silence of Milan with some short slogans, of single words, with a strong, immediate meaning.

Courage, Unified, Loyality: that is courage, unit And loyalty. Words become decorum, impressing themselves on the mind of the reader.

References to streetwear


The brand's typical sensuality and femininity blend with new influences. While for last season sportswear became the absolute protagonist, this year Versace presents scarves, caps And jackets that wink at the world of streetwear.


They live on contrasts, becoming the must-have pieces of the collection.

Evening dresses and matching hairstyles

versace 17 2

Splits, necklines and sparkles are not long in making their stage entrance anyway. The striking novelty is the studied pendant of hair and respective clothes: coppery red and gold.

The warm reflections of the look are reflected on the hair of the models, and vice versa, in a new game that shuffles the cards on the table and acquires a completely unexpected style.

Naomi is in the front row


From the catwalk to the front row, among the inspiring muses of the brand since the days of Gianni Versace, Naomi smiles at the photographers as she proudly displays the show live from her phone.

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