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What the jewels you wear say about your personality
What the jewels you wear say about your personality

Personality and the choice of jewels are closely linked: we explain why and above all what those you love most say about you

Like the clothes or the make-up, the jewels we choose also communicate a lot about us

There are all types of bracelets, necklaces, rings or earrings and, based on what we prefer to wear, we will give a different impression to our interlocutor.

The jewels we prefer, in fact, are an integral part of our tastes, of our way of playing to feel more beautiful, they enhance us and talk about us. There are those who love to always wear the same combination, those who love to change every day or even those who wear jewelry only for occasions.

Each choice is the right one, the important thing is to know what you are communicating. Here's what the jewels you wear say about your personality.

1. Personalized jewelry

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There are all types, you can engrave phrases, names, initials, lucky numbers.

Those who love to wear this type of jewelry want to communicate something about themselves without needing the word, which could cause difficulties. In particular, those who wear the initials of their name may want to affirm themselves in a simple and original way.

What you will communicate will be refinement and curiosity to discover something more about you and your character traits.

2. Colorful jewelry

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This type of jewelry could wear sparkling and self-confident women. In fact, colors help bring out the most playful and fun part of our personality, regardless of age and profession.

You can communicate your desire to play down and take life lightly.

3. Great jewelry

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This model might be suitable for determined and confident women. The maxi jewel, in fact, exposes the person who wears it, who will know they have more chances of attracting attention to themselves.

Women who wear maxi jewels will therefore know that they can support any situation with confidence and security.

4. Traditional jewelry

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Are you a lover of lights and pearls? Your personality could be calm with the tendency to always keep itself in a safe and known context.

You could be discreet people, who do not like to show off but want to enhance themselves with neutral elements with which it is difficult to go wrong.

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