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Marco De Vincenzo Fall / Winter 2017-18
Marco De Vincenzo Fall / Winter 2017-18

The details of the look for the Marco De Vincenzo Fall / Winter 2017-18 collection seen from the backstage, where the make-up is a fantasy of saturated colors

The Marco De Vincenzo Fall / Winter 2017-18 collection

A riot of fantasies, textures, colors. Marco De Vincenzo defines this collection as a reinterpretation of objects and memories of the past transposed in a contemporary key.

There is no quotation or nostalgia, but the desire to invent something new having learned from what has been, without proposing it again. Thus, classic pieces come remixed and combined with completely new materials.

The color it is the fundamental element, which is played on to create a new look in which creativity plays a leading role.

Marco De Vincenzo Fall / Winter 2017-18: the collection seen from the backstage

it is straight and clear, there is no trace of the winged eyeliner so dear to the 1950s. The line, as he explained to us Mark Carrasquillo who did the make up for MAC Cosmetics, was created with a very thin brush, the 210, combining two shades of color, tone on tone or contrasting. The effect is that of a degradé eyeliner, as if it were a stroke of a colored pen.

The lip I'm opaque, saturated and high-impact in shades that go to take up the eyeliner or contrast sharply. In particular, the more shades dark create a sophisticated and grown-up effect that rebalances the more girlie eye makeup.

Marco De Vincenzo Fall / Winter 2017-18: make up

hair look very textured, creating a light and slightly disheveled blur to revive by switching from the day look to that for a night out.

For the nails we used some tips, with a square and long shape, in one color metal which recalls the bronze and the rose gold.

Marco De Vincenzo Fall / Winter 2017-18: hair & nail look

A cascade of red hair, the hair look is wavy and natural.
Curly hair will continue to be a big trend for the next Fall / Winter season as well.
The Bumble and Bumble products used for hair styling.
After creating the texture, a side lock was twisted, to give a twist to the look.
Unghie metallizzate
The nails are metallic and with rose gold flashes.

Credit ph.: Francesca Merlo

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