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The Gucci fashion show for Autumn-Winter 2017
The Gucci fashion show for Autumn-Winter 2017

Among the most awaited shows of the Milanese fashion week, we tell you about the latest catwalk of the Florentine brand

The collection of Gucci for theAutumn-Winter 2017/18 it collects different inspirations and influences and unites them in a single long path that is introspective.

Man and woman give way to each other in a continuous change of scene.

The inspirations are many


Poetry and alchemy find space in the creative laboratory of one of the most acclaimed designers of the moment. The Egyptian figure of the Ouroboros is central: a snake devouring its tail. Create and destroy. It destroys and creates. Paradoxical, enigmatic, contradictory.

And from here comes the way of interpreting and amalgamating the inspirations: fromAsia toArt Deco, passing through the British style - both references to punk and the bourgeoisie - and to the archives of the brand itself (impossible not to recognize at least a couple of looks which take up the famous Flora print).

The walkway is an incubator


In the center of the walkway there is one pyramid, the models parade one behind the top slowly, following an almost labyrinthine path that ends at the end "forcing" them to go back. We are back in that imperceptible limbo that lies between the past and the future but that is not yet - or it is no longer - here I'm.

The mirrors placed inside the tunnel reflect and distort the images, illuminate the looks. The lights change color turning from green to pink to yellow. The music follows the pathos, tunes the attentive gaze of the viewer. The show becomes staged.

Like a Matryoshka, it is a puzzle game

gucci duo

The baggage of Alessandro Michele, judging from the latest fashion shows, it resembles a matryoshka with a thousand joints. Everything is in the same box, everything coexists in the paradox, in the contrast: from the onesie for him completely with logo to her look with a sumptuous dress and fishnet jumpsuit that covers the face and the whole body.

There is street, there is bon ton, there is vintage, there is baroque. They are all there, believe it or not, on the same catwalk.

The celebs in the front row

Attending the Alessandro Michele fashion show, a host of stars and celebs: from the English it-girl Alexa Chung, to the photographer and muse Petra Collins, by the American actor Jared Leto - testimonial of the Gucci Guilty perfume - from the artist A $ ap Rocky, to the young but already highly acclaimed blogger Tavi Gevinson.

Gucci: the guests of the Fall 2017 fashion show

The actor Alessandro Borghi PH
It-girl Alexa Chung PH
The musical artist Asap Rocky PH
Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco PH
Singer Florence Welch PH
Director Gia Coppola PH
Actor Jared Leto PH
Photographer Petra Collins PH
Salma Hayek with her husband Fran├žois-Henri Pinault PH
Singer Soko PH
The blogger Tavi Gevinson PH
British actor Tom Hiddlestone PH

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