Adidas UltraBOOST X: shoes dedicated to runners that make running a unique experience
Adidas UltraBOOST X: shoes dedicated to runners that make running a unique experience

Not all runners are the same, especially when it comes to shoes.

adidas Running he knows this and has thought of women, who with their specific and structural needs have different needs from those that belong to the male body.

The shoes with which you go out for a run, in fact, are the most important choice that a runner, whatever his physical level or frequency of training, must make, not only to obtain competitive results but above all to ensure legs, back and joints. the right protection and the right support.

To give women the best possible experience while running, adidas has put a team of experts to work to study the needs of the female body in motion.

The result, presented a few days ago in San Francisco during an event that saw the involvement of over 100 influencers from all over the world, a new version of the iconic UltraBOOST, UltraBOOST X, a shoe designed (and built) to allow runners to perform at the top, designed to adapt to the unique shape of the women's foot.


How does it work

During the ride, this shoe manages to support the natural profile of the female foot, adapting to its characteristics and providing a stable and shock-absorbing support, in order to accompany the movement and reduce the microtraumatic impact of the support on the ground.

All runners on the other hand know the problem well: finding a shoe that contains the foot supporting it, but without forcing it, is a priority need. That's why the heel counter has a tighter design, adapted to female sizes, to offer the right support without compromising freedom of movement.

Through the ARAMIS system, then, a detection technology that allows to analyze in detail the movements of the body, the shoe identifies the exact points where the runners need more support and those where the foot needs more space for its natural expansion - and shapes itself accordingly.


For who runs in any season, the BOOST midsole throughout the shoe offers unparalleled energy return and is capable of withstand any temperature.

And if we also add the Stretchweb sole with Continental rubber, designed to support the typically female gait and guarantee absolute flexibility and excellent grip, you can really run anywhere, from the streets of a summer in Sicily to those of a winter in San Francisco.

ULTRABOOST X ana-ivanovic-(Large)

Ana Ivanovic, tennis player who has covered the first step of the world ranking and among the godmothers of the San Francisco launch event, explained: «UltraBOOST X is the most innovative and advanced running shoe ever that puts the best technology at the service of sport; tailor-made for women, it continuously helps us to improve and inspire ourselves every time we run, both physically and mentally ».

The iconic shape of UltraBOOST wants to give women the confidence to push their limits and reach any goal, whether it's getting up every morning at 5:30 to go for a run, tackling a 10km course for the first time, or improving your personal best on your own course favorite.


The presentation of the UltraBOOST X shoe coincides with the launch of a running clothing line, which includes a Primeknit T-shirt, double-layer shorts, leggings and a tank top. The items in the collection match the unique design of the shoe, to train in perfect harmony with your body and with the surrounding environment.

The adidas UltraBOOST X shoes have a recommended price of 179, 95 € and together with the entire collection are on sale on the site.

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