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The best phrases from movies to use in real life in case of difficulty
The best phrases from movies to use in real life in case of difficulty

In moments of difficulty, why climb on mirrors when you can get away with one of the phrases from the most impressive films?

Everyday life is full of pitfalls and difficulties that happen suddenly, without giving anyone the time and readiness to plan effective or convincing answers to get out of the worst moments of impasse.

Most of the time, then, one climbs (clumsily) on the mirrors, citing justifications or beating around the bush too much, leaving one's interlocutor useful space to sink the knife even further into the sore.

In order to avoid the recurrence of similar unfortunate situations, we have selected a series of phrases borrowed from films that can be used to get out of the way with grace, elegance, savoir-faire, and also demonstrating a lot of cinematic culture.

Browse the gallery to learn how to handle them all, and greet embarrassment and discomfort forever.

The best phrases from movies

1_Jerry Maguire
When and where to use it: rivers of words want to overwhelm you and persuade you to do or say something, but the degree of exhaustion is so high that you prefer to instantly block the tirade to please those in front of you and return to your chores in peace. There is only one problem, which is that you do not want to appear rude or give the impression of someone who wants to cut it short: to be pronounced with wide eyes, like pre-botox Renée Zellweger tubes.
2_Dirty Dancing
When and where to use it: during the lunch break with the new cute colleague, with the usual little bar transformed into a circle of hell. After half an hour of waiting, the waitress finally shows you a dark ravine, with stools already occupied by the jackets of those at the next table. How to hope that she will take pity and impress her colleague by boasting some authority?
3_Ecce bombo
When and where to use it: Your life is at a crossroads and you are reflecting on what to do. Or maybe you are about to change jobs, but out of luck you don't want to reveal your projects. Or, again, you are looking for it, the job. In short, you do not have an unambiguous answer to the (sometimes irritating) question "What do you do?". In cases like these, Nanni Moretti gives you the answer on a silver platter.
4_A qualcuno piace caldo
When and where to use it: sooner or later someone in the office discovers the error you hoped was buried in the files, sooner or later someone in a meeting asks the question you can't answer, and everyone turns and looks at you with an accusing finger. The only way to come out great is a nice shrug along with a statement that gives a great sense of freedom and displaces criticism.
5_Il diavolo veste Prada
When and where to use it: all those times when you are not organizing the weekend or an evening and you entrust the arduous task to others, who invariably offer you proposals that share a single denominator, boredom. There is no polite way of crushing ideas that do not convince you at all, but often you need to be inflexible to make the concept pass effectively.
6_Il secondo tragico Fantozzi
When and where to use it: a whole dinner to hear about the latest trendy diet, the new unmissable Slovak film, the essential post-indie group. There comes a point where you can no longer say yes with your head pretending interest, vent is necessary, swear word authorized. Indeed, it is due. Even at the cost of ruining the evening. Guaranteed 92 minutes of applause.
7_Chi ha incastrato RR
When and where to use it: in a world where misunderstanding is the order of the day, and where excessive resolve or pragmatism are mistakenly mistaken for malice, it is necessary to "dot the i's". On the other hand, it is not your fault if you hate wasting time and prefer to go straight to the point, but from here to being painted as the bitch on duty a bit passes. And anyone who has anything to do with you, in any area or situation, needs to know the difference.
8_Karate Kid
When and where to use it: sooner or later you will be hired by a clumsy and maybe a little opinionated intern. Like a small child, every time you give him a task, he will ask you why. You have to convince him that there are inscrutable reasons that he is not now given to know, but will appear clear along the way. The road to success is paved with photocopies to make and coffee to take hot.
When and where to use it: you ditched him, he is terribly ill and you are sincerely sorry. But, at the same time, you don't know how to alleviate his incurable pain. Perhaps offering him a different future for your relationship might make him feel better: he may not understand at the moment, but if he is a keen cinephile, he will surely appreciate over time at least the stolen quote from Rick Blaine.
10_Lost in translation
When and where to use it: in a world of words, messages, phrases and phrases that are good for everything, sometimes silence is the most eloquent thing. Open your mouth as if you were about to say something, but the words did not come, rely on a look or a hug, let the other person think that you are sensitive and imagine what you have not said. Insured center.
11_Il laureato
When and where to use it: is it trying, or is it not trying? Any first date has victims on the field tormented by this Hamletic doubt, and then we might as well get rid of the doubt with a nice 90 load of self-irony. There are two possible answers here: a very hard lemon or the beginning of a persistent stutter until the end of the evening. In both cases, you will still have received a certain response about his intentions.
12_Forrest Gump
When and where to use it: if you belong to that parish of those who often change the cards on the table and upset their projects and their lives with the same ease with which one drinks a coffee, then you will also know that to many people this apparent instability gives a lot of annoyance. And every time you are accused of being too unpredictable, the metaphor of the box of chocolates can give you a valid and - above all - very true foothold.
13_Giovani carini e disoccupati
When and where to use it: for all those who are now subscribed to the criticism of their alleged indisposition from their boyfriend, and want to play down the situation. Life - and relationships - are often easier to make work than you think, and Lelaina and Troy have been supporting it since 1994: give them notice, and spread the word.

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