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Chiara Biasi: we tell you who she really is
Chiara Biasi: we tell you who she really is

Who really is Chiara Biasi, the influencer who wants to be without filters in the very filtered world of Instagram

To be someone who manages an empire in the very filtered world of Instagram, Chiara Biasi it is incredibly unfiltered, or #nofilter if you prefer.

We found out by previewing his book (Chiaroscuri, published by Mondadori Electa and to be released on February 21) and, not satisfied, overwhelming it with questions.

We tell you everything we have discovered about her.

First of all: who Chiara Biasi is

For information to those who are not part of the one million three hundred thousand people who follow her up Instagram, Chiara Biasi is an influencer - a lady influencer, already boasting record numbers - Friulian by birth and Milanese by adoption, who just twenty years old with the blog (and then with the consequential social profiles) has succeeded where thousands of others have only tried in vain: he achieved success.

Girlfriend with the footballer Simone Zaza, today has 26 years (27 next March 28) and is, as he does not fail to underline, born under the sign of Aries.

For some years he has been designing one swimwear collection ("I never found any that I really liked and I thought I'd draw them myself - in doing so I also listen to a lot of suggestions and requests from my followers") and Sun glasses, as well as collaborating with several fashion companies. He lives between Milan, London and the countless hotels where he finds himself staying for work.


Unlike his colleague and namesake Ferragni, Chiara Biasi is not a fashion blogger, but, if anything, a lifestyle blogger - even if the correct definition today is social media influencer. What does it mean? Who with her photos manages to influence (and really does) the tastes of those who follow her and the market.


Why did Chiara Biasi write a book?

Chiara Biasi's book speaks, not too surprisingly, of Chiara Biasi.

«Chiaroscuri »is a biography written in the form of a dictionary, in which the influencer tells about himself without taboos and, we said, without embellishing filters, from A (by Alessio, his brother) B (as a blog) C (as Chiara, un nomen omen, because she likes them sincerity, transparency and immediacy) to the Z of a gypsy (because since she was a child she feels at ease everywhere).

In between, thebreast surgery (explained as the wrong solution to a moment of sentimental insecurity, which today he would not do again), ischemia which he suffered in his twenties and which changed all his priorities, and the Tattoos tee (since he has more than thirty).

We asked her why she did it (and more).

Is the book to make you better known by the followers or to try to make you better known by the haters?

"I wrote about myself to tell a person who has been through a lot despite everything (in the book there is only a dusting of it, or it would have become an encyclopedia of 50 volumes) and who always and always tackles everything with strength and alone, since I was 19, with my legs. I'm talking about how important independence is, and how important this value is for me ».

“Maybe I did it to say we're all in the same boat, and that pretending to be something that didn't lead to the worst evil: unhappiness. I am like that, I do not oblige anyone to love me, I may like it or not, like everyone else, but we learn (and I say this first of all to myself every day) not to judge people by what they do. Behind a selfie there can be a forced smile, behind Photoshop an enormous insecurity: a lot of color serves to mask a lot of darkness… let's all think about it a little more before pointing the finger ».


About filters (from Instagram)

What relationship do you have with instagram filters? "I hate them. Every time I take the shot, edit it for an hour, and then put it natural. They are the most frequent way I have to waste time ».

Do you have one or more favorite filters? "Yes, one makes the colors more defined and the other is black and white, but I change them at alternating periods."

Chiara Ferragni once said that Valencia is the best filter for blondes - do you have one to suggest to brunettes? "Lo-Fi, which makes red lips red, and Inkwell."


How many and which photos to post on Instagram

And as exhibitionism: how many photos does it make sense to post every day? «Maximum 3 or 4. Sometimes I put zero or one, sometimes more. If there is a job in between, I don't pay too much attention to the number of contents ».

Do you have a favorite photo? «No, I don't have one … I have a lot of them! If I had to choose just one, however, maybe it would be a photo of me in the arms of my grandfather Leonardo, I was 2 or 3 years old, we were in the mountains in Trentino, like every summer. We look into each other's eyes, I pinch his ears and smile with my eyes as well as with my mouth. That photo is gorgeous: it's love, family, protection. All".

What are the subjects and hashtags that work the most? "On social networks? Pets, children and flowers. And then the food, the usual hashtag #foodporn so to speak ».


Social networks and privacy

In the book you write that those who only know you on social media imagine you very different from how you are in reality, but then how honest do you have to be when telling your life on social media? "Everyone is free to choose what to do of course, but as far as I'm concerned I prefer not to feed people too much of my private. It is a discourse that is valid on social networks but also in private life and it does not mean pretending, but being clear that there is a limit - that there must be a limit - between what is public and what is your life ".

Did you learn it in spite of yourself? «Let's say yes, they've said a lot about me, but now I don't publish almost anything about my daily life. At the beginning it was not like that, I published anyway to keep the profile alive, then I realized (in the last 6-8 months) that my days lived at 100% are invaluable, that two more likes or followers would never give you ".


How true is Chiara Biasi

In the winter, you sleep in an outfit that you define as anti-sex because you are cold, and you write that if a guy continues to be with you after seeing you like that then it must be an authentic feeling. Is the same thing true with followers? Is it right to show your imperfections too or is it better to show yourself in the best version of yourself? «I am one of the few that since day zero has shown itself in all ways, from the natural ones of everyday life to those artifacts of shooting or various works. And outside of work, I'm always wearing my make-up and dressed in my style, rock / black / comfy. More spontaneous than that… ».

Your life is outside of Instagram, but how much are social media a part of it? "I'm not a slave to social media as many might think, on the contrary: anyone who knows me knows that I have a very bad relationship with the phone! For me, photos are what they transmit to me, and I evaluate them based on that rather than counting the likes ».

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The photos of Chiara in costume are by Nima Benati, the others from Chiara's Instagram profile.

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