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Tuberose perfumes: the carnal and hypnotic white flower
Tuberose perfumes: the carnal and hypnotic white flower

Tuberose perfumes are extremely feminine and sensual, here are the best ones selected for you from great classics and niche perfumes

The tuberose in perfumes

There tuberose is one of the most fascinating notes in the world of perfumery. Night flower, carnal, powerful, with sweet and narcotic notes with a humid, earthy and camphorated background.

The tuberose perfume which represents the iconic reference for all subsequent fragrances is Fracas from Robert Piguet. Launched in 1948, noisy, seductive, shocking, it created a great sensation. Designed for a femme fatale and the great divas of those years, it marked the history of perfume.

In the same wake of powerful seduction, Dior Poison marked the 80s, as well as Amarige from Givenchy did it with the 90s.

Niche perfumes with tuberose

The latest and most interesting studies on tuberose come to us from niche perfumery. Tubéreuse Criminelle from Serge Lutens is a bold and mysterious perfume, dominated by camphor notes.

In Carnal Flower from Frederic Malle the camphor note is less disruptive, but is characterized by an intense green opening note. Equally cold, nocturnal and enigmatic it is Tuberose from Keiko Mecheri.

Particularly interesting is the trilogy created by Histoires de Parfums dedicated to tuberose and its 3 different - and antithetical - interpretations, in which each fragrance highlights one of the characteristics of the white flower with many souls.

The best tuberose perfumes

If you feel like venturing into the world of this olfactory note, we have selected the i best tuberose perfumes. Browse the gallery and let yourself be inspired.

Tuberose perfumes: the best fragrances

profumi alla tuberosa fracas
The femme fatale perfume that set the benchmark for all subsequent tuberose perfumes.
profumi alla tuberosa frederic malle
Created by Dominique Ropion, it is one of the most original interpretations of the tuberose. Powerful and not at all shy fragrance, with a green opening.
profumi alla tuberosa JOY
Joy wouldn't be Joy without her tuberose and jasmine heart. For a femininity of the past.
profumi alla tuberosa tubereuse criminelle
The boldest of the tuberoses, it is not a scent for beginners. Intensely camphorated and hypnotic.
profumi alla tuberosa estee lauder tubereuse gardenia
An elegant and feminine tribute to white flowers.
profumi alla tuberosa amarige
One of the great classics, symbol of the 90s. Intense and powerful, it celebrates all the sweetness of flowers with an oriental background.
profumi alla tuberosa dior
Bewitching and enchanting tuberose, as in this floriental magic potion that enchants and never forgets.
profumi alla tuberosa reminiscence
A tuberose enhanced in its warmth by oriental spices and hints such as cinnamon and ylang-ylang.
profumi alla tuberosa serge lutens
Lutens calls this perfume "diabolical". Poisonous carnality is represented by a bewitched tuberose, masked by notes of coconut and almond.
profumi alla tuberosa diptyque do son
Green and sweet at the same time, the tuberose here is sensual and delicate at the same time.
profumi alla tuberosa by kilian
All the carnal and sensual sweetness of the tuberose is enhanced by the coconut note, to tell one of the stages of the olfactory love story L'Ouvre Noire.
profumi alla tuberosa l’artisan chasse aux papillons
A delicate perfume that recalls the springs of childhood, spent chasing butterflies. For those who don't like powerful tuberoses.
profumi alla tuberosa histoires-de-parfums
A trilogy that tells the tuberose with three different points of view. Capricious, virginal and animalic.
profumi alla tuberosa narcotic venus nasomatto
Narcotic Venus is the name of this tuberose with an elegant construction, not to go unnoticed.
keiko mecheri
A nocturnal perfume where the tuberose opens in a disruptive way, with a cold and camphorated note.

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