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How to take a great Boomerang photo
How to take a great Boomerang photo

Creating funny videos with Boomerang is simple - just follow these steps

Boomerang it's probably the biggest chance our phone allows us to save funny memories.

Since the birth of the App to create them, now more than a year ago, everyone has gone crazy - also because the result, if well clicked, is able to hypnotize anyone.

The truth, however, is that they still see (too many) meaningless or not at their full potential.

So here's a mini-guide to shoot perfect Boomerangs.

First of all: stop that phone

The hand must be very steady, so that the recorded movement is only the framed one, and not linked to the movement of the one who records.

The ideal would be to use a tripod, but in order not to move your hands often just find a support point for elbows or wrists.

Don't finish as you start

The difference between a-g.webp" />

The first is a continuous loop, the second a video in which the images quickly scroll back and forth.

Precisely for the retro issue, the larger the recorded movement, the better the result. An example above all, the dive into the water, not surprisingly very popular.

The first is not always good

Some videos are automatic, you just need to be in the right situation.

For others, however, you can build an ad hoc choreography to shoot your Boomerang. From the tongue to the bite of a sandwich, from the somersault to the bursting balloon: remember that you have the possibility to record a movement in particular by giving it more weight - for everything else there are traditional photos and videos, right?

Once you have decided on the movement you want to capture, take at least two or three, save them all and choose by looking at them all in comparison.

The subjects in motion

The truth is that Boomerangs are also a great solution for all those photos that freaked us out - those of children, dogs, cats, birds taking off and everything that has a chance to move and no interest in having a photo taken..

Try it next time, you won't regret it.

The Boomerang functions that few people know about

Not everyone knows that it is possible to establish some settings in advance, such as the quality of the video (if 1080p or 720p), the playback speed, even whether to allow the video to be shown only in one direction or with the Boomerang effect (next and back).

To decide between the options, just four taps with four fingers on the App screen (the original one, not from Instagram): do it and the settings screen will appear.

Creating Boomerangs for Stories

To insert a Boomerang on Instagram Stories just select the infinity symbol in Stories' camera modes and shoot.

Add a Boomerang on Snapchat

The question on Snapchat is different, since you cannot create a video directly from the App.

To upload it to the ghost's social network, you should either take it from the original App, or (if you made it on Instagram) send it through Stories, save it to your roll, and resume it through Snapchat Memories.

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