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20 foreign Make Up brands that will change your life
20 foreign Make Up brands that will change your life

What are the most famous and popular foreign brands? Discover the best ones, recommended by and go shopping!

The online shopping breaks all boundaries and allows us to know, appreciate - and above all - buy beauty products impossible to find in our country.

If you want to discover new original and qualitatively excellent make-up products do not miss the 20 foreign make-up brands that will change your life. Because quality beauty shopping is truly life-changing.

Famous on the web, especially on Instagram, are tempting beauty addicts, making lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and highlighters - just to name a few - real objects of desire.

Find out which are the coolest and most coveted make-up brands by browsing the gallery.

Foreign Make Up brands to keep an eye on

Kat Von make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio D
The American tattoo artist - of Latin origins - offers a colorful and over the top makeup line, with professional performances. Don't miss the opaque liquid lipsticks and gothic-inspired eye shadow palettes. Once a forbidden dream of make-up addicts, from April 2016 it will be on sale in Italian Sephora perfumeries. Get Ready! Credits Ph.: @katvond - @katvondbeauty Instagram &
Anastasia beverly Hills make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Born in Romania but become famous in California as "the queen of the eyebrows", Anastasia has revolutionized the eyebrows of thousands of women, relaunching the bold look. The range, which can be purchased online on the European market, includes cult products not only for eyebrows, but also contouring palettes, highlighters and screaming matte liquid lipsticks. Credits Ph.:
Colour pop make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Another Made in California brand that has come to the fore thanks to Instagram, the coolest photographic social network of the moment. With a range of low cost products whose price ranges from 5 to 8 dollars, CP has conquered the web and junkie make-up with creamy texture and spectacularly rendered eye shadows. The range is constantly being expanded, with musts such as opaque liquid lipsticks and pearlescent highlighters in pastel shades. Credits Ph.:
Jeffree star make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Becoming famous in the '00s thanks to MySpace, Jeffree is a make-up artist, singer and youtuber with an extravagant and androgynous look. Thanks to the success on Instagram in recent years, she has launched a cult make-up line that includes matte liquid lipsticks, colorful eye shadow palettes and unusual illuminators. If you've always dreamed of a blue lipstick or a green highlighter, this is the brand to try. Credits Ph.: @jeffreestar Instagram
Lime crime make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Also in this case we find behind the innovative brand - the first to have launched matte liquid lipsticks on the market - a strong and glamorous character: Doe Deere. The make-up artist loves looks inspired by the fairy worlds of unicorns and mermaids, with an eye to the dark and 90s style. All the brand's products are sold out at the speed of light and are trendy. Credits Ph.: & @doedeere Instagram
Sleek cosmetics make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
British brand with particularly affordable prices, it has revolutionized the world of make-up with its hyperpigmented palettes of twelve color-matched eyeshadow pods, available in infinite variations. Among the essential products we find the palette of Solstice illuminants: a dream of light on the face. Credits Ph.:
Morphe bushes make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Affordable prices and a range of high quality make-up brushes characterize the American brand, also famous for its maxi eyeshadow palettes, perfect for make-up artists. Credits Ph.: & @morphebrushes Instagram
Natasha Denona make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Born in Croatia but raised in Germany, Natasha Denona is a famous make-up artist who has created an extraordinary make-up line, characterized by high-performance products. The legendary references? Eyeshadows, with a very high concentration of pigments and pearls, for a unique matte, shimmer, metallic or satin effect. Credits Ph.:
Barry M make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
The flagship of the English beauty drugstore scene, this cosmetic house combines affordable prices with innovative formulas and colors. Excellent nail polishes, especially those infused with coconut oil and lipsticks. To try. Credits Ph.:
Becca make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
A range of make-up products that please every phototype, from Asian ones to darker skin types. The entire range is noteworthy, but the unmissable ones are the illuminants, which have become legend. Credits Ph.:
Make up monsters make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
"Be your own beautiful monster" is the motto of this young independent brand that entered the heart of make-up junkie in a very short time. The flagship product? The opaque liquid lipsticks, proposed in a rainbow of colors that embrace all possible and imaginable shades, from dark green to gray through purple, blue and cinnamon. Credits Ph.: & @makeupmonters Instagram
Bella Pierre make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
American brand specializing in the production of cosmetics based on mineral pigments, gentle on the skin, but with excellent performance. Do not miss the pigments for dreamy eye make-up, mineral foundations and corrective powders. The brand has recently been distributed in our country and is active with an e-shop. Credits Ph.: bé & @bellapierre Instagram
Besame cosmetics make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
The style of Old Hollywood comes to life in this vintage style makeup line. Each color of lipstick refers to the originals of each decade of the last century, while the packs are inspired by retro houses. Here is the favorite brand for those who feel like a diva, or want to become one. Credits Ph.: & @besamecosmetics Instagram
Coloured raine make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Another indie brand that will make your head spin with modern formulas and a vast and amazing color range. Absolutely to try the lipsticks. Credits Ph.: & @colouredraine Instagram
Gerard cosmetics make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
A real phenomenon born on the web thanks to word of mouth and photos on Instagram. This USA brand includes classic and liquid lipsticks, eyebrow products, famous makeup fixing sprays and famous lip glosses. Credits Ph: & @gerardcosmetics Instagram
Dose of colors make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Brushes, highlighters and lipsticks with bold colors and pigment release, dedicated to those who love to create impactful looks. The Berry Me and Berry Me 2 liquid lipsticks are legendary.
Lipstick queen make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Poppy King, the founder of the lipstick brand, loves having colored lips. This is why she decided to create a range of lipsticks with exclusive formulas, able to satisfy the tastes and needs of every woman. From glossed to super matte lipsticks, Lipstick Queen is a cult brand in the world of lip make-up. Do not miss the lipsticks that change color adapting to the ph of the lips, Prince Frog, green and Hello Sailor !, blue.Credits Ph.
Make up addiction cosmetics make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occh
If you love intense colors and statement make-up, the eyeshadows of this British indie brand will win you over. As its name suggests it can become a real "drug"! Credits Ph.: & @makeupaddictioncosmetics Instagram
Make up geek make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
The irresistible American brand is founded by Marlena Stell, a famous youtuber who has transformed her passion into a business worth over 10 million dollars (word of Forbes!), Giving life to a much-loved make-up line on and off line. The must-have products? Refill eyeshadows, suitable for creating totally customized palettes. The foiled ones are simply spectacular. Credits Ph.: & @makeupgeektv Instagram
Melt make up brand stranieri da tenere d’occhio
Do you love tattoos and rock style? This brand will make you fall in love. The original color lipsticks - constantly sold out - and the extremely pigmented eyeshadow palettes will make you want to do your makeup like never before. To inspire this intense look the owners of the brand, Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, fashion icons famous on the web for their unconventional look. Credits Ph.:

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