Mr. Rain: I'm the one who sings on rainy days
Mr. Rain: I'm the one who sings on rainy days

As his stage name he chose Mr. Rain and, after the talent show X Factor, the rapper found his way: "I was a hothead", he says, "but then my mother taught me to grow up"


Twenty-five years old, from Brescia, rapper by profession. A past to X Factor 7 and a song with almost 10 million views, Carillon, which also became the soundtrack of a commercial. In the present he has given himself a new single, I grown up never cry, dedicated to his mother. Friends call him "Rainbow", but he, Mattia Balardi, calls himself "Mr. Rain" because, he says, «I only write on rainy days. Or in the shower ».

Why is your single dedicated to your mother?

“Because he taught me what I know. He gave me everything, having little, trying to grow me better ».

What's the most important thing your mother made you learn?

"Respect. Which today is the foundation of all my relationships ».

And what did her mom say when she listened to the single?

"She was moved, indeed, I think she is still crying."

So it's not true, as he sings, that

do grownups never cry?

“They do, but they don't let the children see them. It is the first sentence that came to my mind when writing, because in my opinion mom did this, he considered it necessary ».

And you, when was the last time you cried?

"Do you know I don't remember? For a while ".

And when did he grow up then?

"Recently. Before I was a hothead, I reacted instinctively, without thinking. Now I think a lot, maybe even too much ».

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