Alessandro Cattelan: To have fun I have to be uncomfortable
Alessandro Cattelan: To have fun I have to be uncomfortable

On the talk show that bears his name and on the radio, Alessandro Cattelan does everything to snatch a smile from guests and the public. But, when the microphones are turned off, it becomes another. And he tells Grazia what really puts him to the test: "Being able to be light without being stupid"


If you find the interviewee under a desk, you must expect that, then, the whole meeting will take place with him perched on a console. He is Alessandro Cattelan, 36, two million words per minute, star of Sky Uno: since time immemorial he has been the host of the talent show X Factor and from February 16 he will start with an unprecedented daily version of the program, now in its 4th edition, which bears his name: And then there is Cattelan (EPCC, for those in a hurry) aired from Monday to Friday, in the late evening.

The console on which Cattelan has climbed to answer my questions is that of a Radio Deejay studio, where Alessandro is on the air every day from 12 to 13. And where I find him hidden under a table, who knows why. He slips out of the way and immediately enters Cattelan mode: pressing, full of words and energy. “I'm about to take a leap into the void. EPCC is already three years old, but now it will be a newspaper. Everything must be revolutionized, I have to change a place where I felt comfortable. It is a goal and an unknown factor at the same time ".

Which promises to maintain the same amused lightness of the previous editions. How hard is it to be light?

"Much. Or at least: it is if you try never to be stupid. It takes a lot of word work. You have to learn to remove instead of add, you have to continually choose the right tone. Trying to give a feeling of lightness, with a program that is heavily worked and written and thought out ».

What are you most afraid of?

“You think I take myself too seriously. While my mantra is: lighten up. With EPCC we want to send people to bed with a smirk on their faces. With the complicity of the guests who agree to laugh with us and at them ».

But you, Cattelan, are you really capable of being calm? I mean: is it naturally?

"I think yes. But I think I'm the least suitable person to say who I really am. And then I wouldn't even want to talk too much about myself: I don't do a job on which the fate of the world depends, this is very clear to me. I only do TV, only songs ».

You are the healthy carrier of a non-aggressive culture, a precious commodity these days

“I can't stand the fun of ambushing. On TV I don't like those who think they amaze viewers by attacking guests and making them uncomfortable. On my show, things never happen without the knowledge of those who come to see me. I like to make people comfortable, to make them feel good, because only then can you be able to play, improvise together. I am not attracted to the idea of ​​being able to bring out the worst in people. The best is more surprising ».

The guest who surprised you the most?

«The players, in general. On TV we always hear them say the same phrases and everyone thinks they don't have any others. And yet they can be truly amazing people. Like Bobo Vieri, one of whom people think he can only say: "Boh". But he is brilliant, likeable, intelligent ».

The most negative part of your job?

“To find it, I have to go back many years. I had about twenty and I was doing a wonderful program for children for Mediaset. But I had to play characters like "the cousin of the little dragon", dressed as an idiot. And when I saw my friends, I was dying of shame. You know how it is, I lived in Tortona: yes, in short, I'm a provincial boy ".

I read he was a very shy kid. It is not clear to me how Cattelan became

“The truth is, I'm not shy. That was a stretch, just to come up with a title, at least I think. In reality, I'm just a reserved type, one who does his own business, one who likes to be with himself for a while"

At what speed? This?

"No. In my work I fill all the spaces, I keep the rhythm. At home I can't wait to have silence. I'm not always like that when I work on the radio or on TV. Although, I must admit, I have changed: over time and with Bach flowers ».

You are welcome?

"My wife (the Swiss model Ludovica Sauer, editor's note) confessed to me that at the beginning of our story, she secretly offered me some Bach flowers, so much to calm me down. It's an absurd thing, which I discovered later, something that still makes me laugh now."

What does it mean for a showman to be "minded"?

“I'm not a worldly, I love my home, my interests, my friends. At my wedding there were 20 people, on my next birthday (May 11, ed) there will be less than 10, if I decide to celebrate. I have a closed circle of people I love and protect. I see a lot of people for work, when I leave I like peace of mind ».

With his daughters, I guess. Can you have some time for them?

«I have strange rhythms. Sometimes I am too busy, in other months I am very free. But there are two sacred moments that I have always managed to save. In the morning: when I take Nina (born in 2012, ed) to school. And in the evening: when I put her and Olivia to bed (born last February 29, ed). The rite of accompaniment is an unmissable event. Together, in the car, Nina and I laugh, chat. On the contrary: she talks. And I listen. Wonderful".

He claims that when he works he fills all the spaces, always talks, so as not to lose the rhythm. But what about saturation, aren't there too many words around?

"Too many. Social media have really saturated beyond all limits. Too much noise, I decided to take off. I don't write anymore, I hardly follow what others post. I'm in real life ».

Something that he wants to do and has never done?

"I'm at an age when you start wanting things that really matter from you. Good things, too. I want to take care of children in need. I still don't have a clear idea of ​​how to help out, but I'm thinking about it. It is the good resolution of 2017 ».

Cattelan does not live by shows alone. Even if you like EPCC a lot, right?

"True. It's what I've dreamed of doing since I have a microphone available, practically from birth. And I have only one desire: that it never ends ».

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