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How to make a small space look as luxurious as a castle
How to make a small space look as luxurious as a castle

Even if there is little space in the house, it does not mean that you cannot indulge in some whim that makes it as luxurious as a small castle.

Furnish your home exactly as in our dreams it is (almost) never possible. And it is not just a question of budget: the light is not exactly so immaculate, the spaces are increasingly reduced and the design objects never so numerous.

If then the effect sought tends to luxury and opulence is even more difficult.

However, it is true that there are few but decisive tricks to keep in mind when you want to get the maximum yield from very small spaces and sometimes it is enough to have good taste and be inspired by some suggestive idea to deceive the mind and let it focus on exciting details.

So here are some suggestions for making your small interior as luxurious as a castle.

How to make a small house look as luxurious as a castle

Un po’ di drama a
The color, especially if dark and decisive, adds tension to the interior, as well as elegance and refinement. Choose the right one for you and indulge yourself.
bianco e nerco
If we asked you to imagine entering "the palace" what are the colors that come to mind once you close your eyes? White, black and gold of course! Opt for a bright white, a matte black and very bright golden details.
Fantasia – tema
A shape, a repeated motif, something that attracts attention and captures it almost as if it were your heraldic coat of arms. After all, we're talking about castles, right?
Decorating a wall with paintings, botanical prints and posters can be the wisest and most refined choice to fill a small space of value to observe.
Lampadario tocco chic
Sometimes just one detail is enough to turn an entire room upside down. For example, a large crystal chandelier immediately gives any room a refined and luxurious atmosphere.
muri colorati
To give dynamism and preciousness to a small room, think of dividing the room in two by painting the walls in two different shades.
rendi l’ambienet suggestivo
Whether it's a brightly colored wall, a supersize mirror or a door framed in blue, dare to make some micro / macro details irresistible.
Scelta giusta – pezzo di design
Choosing a design element adds a more than luxurious flavor to the atmosphere. Pay attention and make the right choice.
Spazio alla creatività
Choosing the furniture you love is very important for the final result. Without forgetting to do it with a pinch of drama.
Tocco bohémien
A gold vintage frame is for you, as well as a retro freestanding tub or fluffy sheer curtains to place in the bedroom. Everyone at the castle loves the French style.

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