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Gigi Hadid makeup: the secrets of her bright look
Gigi Hadid makeup: the secrets of her bright look

Gigi Hadid is the top model of the moment. Find out how to recreate her luminous look in shades of gold in a few simple steps

Gigi Hadid and the supermodel of the moment, famous for her style, but also for her own make up always in trend.

Bright Makeup

Why is Gigi's makeup special? Because the model is the queen of the look glowing! This particular look that focuses all on light starts from a luminous base and culminates with rivers of illuminating.

Face base

As anticipated, to create Gigi Hadid's bright look it is important to create a base with a primer illuminating and smoothing, and then even out the complexion with a foundation with a light finish and natural, which reveals the natural grain of the skin. Then cover the small imperfections with a high coverage concealer, and define the contours of the face with the technique of sculpting, preferring creamy products with a satin finish. At this stage it is important to use light and glowy textures that give a second skin effect.

For a star effect then opt for a illuminating blush in warm peach tones to warm cheeks and cheekbones: this unique product will be the star of the look.

Eye makeup

Then intensify the effect glow with an eye make-up on the warm hues of gold iridescent, perfectly in tone with the face make-up, which will shine. If you like glitter, dab a pinch on the mobile eyelid for a guaranteed wow effect.

Make Up Lips

The right look to dress the lips is the glossy and luminous one, with warm shades. A lipstick glaze is the ideal choice.

Recommended products

Browse the gallery and discover the must-have makeup products to copy Gigi Hadid's bright look.

Copy Gigi Hadid's bright makeup: the must-have products

The top model of the moment chooses a luminous total gold look: the make-up is characterized by warm shades of gold and bronze, with a touch of peach for the illuminating blush. Credits ph: Getty Images
To recreate Gigi Hadid's luminous look, you need to apply an illuminating primer before the foundation, so that the complexion glows naturally.
This fluid foundation with a moisturizing formula coats the skin in a light layer, giving it a natural and luminous appearance. The light revealing formula is ideal for contrasting duller complexions.
A creamy concealer with a peach undertone is ideal for covering even the most stubborn dark circles, and lifting the gaze giving the face a healthy and rested look.
The international top model chooses a tone-on-tone gold look that does not go unnoticed. Credits ph: Getty Images
To recreate the sculpted look of Gigi Hadid, define and enhance the face with sculpting: the dark part to define the forehead and cheekbones, and the illuminating part to enhance the high points, such as cheekbones, cupid's arch and eyebrow arch.
For an ultra-luminous result with a 'sun-kissed' effect, apply this illuminating blush in peach tones to the cheekbones.
Use all four shades of the palette to get a defined and intense gold smokey eyes.
The luminous effect is the winning key of Gigi Hadid's makeup. Credits ph: Getty Images
This liquid eyeliner with a glossy finish and extra hold is perfect for obtaining a graphic line, and completing the eye look.
Complete the total gold look with a moisturizing and volumizing oil-based lipstick in the shade of orange peach.

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