Miu Miu presents ' Carmen’, the short film directed by Chloë Sevigny
Miu Miu presents ' Carmen’, the short film directed by Chloë Sevigny

Miu Miu unveils the thirteenth short film in the Miu Miu Women's Tale series made by women to celebrate and explore the femininity of the 21st century

A voyeuristic and improvised atmosphere that reflects being a woman and the ego given by celebrity. And then, the love, for the profession and for the art, in a comedy that smacks of personal tragedy. Let's talk about 'Carmen', the thirteenth short film by Miu Miu Women's Tales, the video series made by women who celebrate 21st century femininity and explore it with a critical eye.

Ironic and introspective at the same time, the short movie bears the signature of Chloë Sevigny - Award-winning actress for over twenty years, fashion icon and director since 2016 - who in the film offers a sincere, tender and melancholy portrait of an artist, courageous and willing to open up to others.

Carmen Lynch, the protagonist of the scene, is a famous comedian who confronts herself, in front of the mirrors in the dressing room and on the stage, through the confrontation with the audience who sometimes laughs with her, sometimes not. The saturated lights of the city and the flickering neon of the showbiz signs become the fleeting and transitory backdrop of this talented woman who is stripped naked and explored in her intimacy.


Presented in New York in the frame of The Roxy Hotel Cinema, the premiere was accompanied by an event that hosted celebrities and top names including herself Chloë Sevigny, Carmen Lynch, Jen Brill, Phoebe Collings James, Rebecca Dayan, just to name a few.

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