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Ten things men do in bed that women hate
Ten things men do in bed that women hate

Eroticism is a game of balances and it takes very little to ruin everything: here are the things men do - but they would do much better to avoid

Eros starts from the head, it is not a question of measures or a kind of gymnastics where if you do the right movements you will arrive at the finish line.

There are many small ingredients to be dosed that open doors in the brain and that give access to the pleasure rooms - and at the same time there are gestures that send everything to the head and that make you want to escape home as soon as possible in a taxi.

Sometimes these are small things that make us women miss the pleasure train - which can be done before, during or after.

Men, take note: these are the things you should never do, write them down and you will make a woman happier.

If you put on Latin lover airs at dinner

occhio a quello che direte a cena

The pre-evening is essential to build desire: if they take us to dinner, that's where we will make the final decision regarding the after.

If you realize that he is a macho and self-centered idiot, you will have no desire to continue the evening with him, you will be offered an excuse or you will ask your best friend to call you and invent an emergency.

You will certainly scan the phrases said at dinner very carefully, in your head a list of more or less is made up, so men should be careful what they say about other women they have had, about sex or their adventures as a Latin lover.

When he insists if you don't want to pick him up


Especially on the first date, the car is fine for a passionate kiss, but if you don't get it up it means you don't want to be attacked by an octopus with a thousand tentacles trying to rip your clothes in the parking lot under the house.

Okay, passion is a wonderful thing, but if you don't give the green light and he is persistent, he is sure you will never see him again.

There is nothing worse than an intrusive and petulant man, he immediately makes any desire pass. In short, the proverb of "whoever wants too much, does not tighten anything" is valid.

When you go up to him and he hangs up

i filmini delle vacanze no

If you went up to him, on the contrary, it means only one thing - also because if not, you would have gone home.

It takes a fair amount of time between when you walk in the door and when you find yourself without clothes on his sofa.

Of course it is embarrassing and not easy to approach to trigger the spark of passion, but if he starts asking you if you want to have a drink and then shows you all the films of his holidays from high school to today (who is thirty-five) at the end you will fall asleep, you will just want to go home and probably never see him again.

When the background music is wrong


That goes absolutely to taste, of course, but perhaps the playlist of Neapolitan neomelodics or the rapper who insults the female gender is not really suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere and you will not be able to ignore it.

Furthermore, advertising between one song and another is something unacceptable, it certainly makes you want to scream something like: "If you don't have the premium service, don't put the music on, better Marzullo".

All men should have a Battisti record player and vinyl, just to be on the safe side.

When he wants to take a break

facciamo una pausa

It is not a training, it is not a relay.

In your mind, the Hamletic question will print in huge letters: "Why do we need to take a break?"

Men often stop halfway and offer you to go for a cigarette, drink another glass of wine or some water, without understanding that sex is a matter of rhythm, it's like a dance and often a break. it breaks everything and breaks the atmosphere.

The cigarette, leave it for later.

When you meet the insane hammer

martellatore folle

One position and rhythm of a mechanical borer, after ten minutes you get a headache and your stomach rolls over like a shaker.

The problem is that the insane hammerer believes that the secret of sex lies in infinite power and duration and he also feels very cool and powerful in that.

After half an hour of torture you want to call an ambulance and you will never want to have to deal with the drill out of control again.

Some woman should make the effort to tell him.

When he thinks you come on command

orgasmo a comando

He is the one who halfway starts begging you to come and you are already in the most total frenzy to be able to think about nothing and let you go, if he starts acting like a tax collector he will get nothing.

And if he thinks that it is enough to beg you to automatically make you happy, he has not understood a chip.

Then they wonder why a lot of women pretend.

If he makes declarations of love to you during

dichiarazioni d’amore

Everything he says during sex has absolutely no value, even if almost all male declarations of love are made during an orgasm, at that moment they love you even if they don't remember your name well.

The problem is that there is absolutely no need for it. In short, it is not absolutely necessary that promises of eternal love come out of their mouth, it is okay to say nothing, they should limit themselves to making verses that would still be fine.

If post orgasm wants to make you disappear

post orgasmo

Ok that many men after reaching the conclusion want a moment of tranquility, but from here to treat you as if you have to disappear very quickly it takes some, in short, there is also an effort a little to not make the figure of the peasant.

Unfortunately, they sometimes act as if you no longer exist, but such a thing can really ruin everything.

If you are at his house and he asks you to leave

non far dormire

He may not want to sleep with you, since sleeping together is very intimate in his own way, but then it is he who has to come to you and then leave - or if not, if it's late, at least take you home.

A truly terrible and unforgivable thing is to ask a woman to leave at four in the morning alone.

Know that karma exists and that it will take revenge on them. And good night, love.

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