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Lacoste presents the Fall Winter 2017 fashion show
Lacoste presents the Fall Winter 2017 fashion show

We tell you about the new collection of the brand

Lacoste opens on the fourth day of the New York Fashion Week with the new collection dedicated toAutumn-Winter 2017/18.

Give it space to the aesthetic codes of grunge: the show focuses on silhouette at the same time practical and sophisticated, telling of a luxury that wants to be and not to appear.

Welcome to space

spazio lacoste

The room chosen for the show overlooks the buildings of Tribeca, at number 50 Varick Street, illuminated by the light, it turns into a desert planet with orange stones for the occasion.

The reference to the universe and galaxies is explicit.

Spatial art for the brand's new must-haves


Among the strongest looks on the catwalk are the garments made with prints by artist Ron Miller, specialized in the art of space and in representations of the universe.

The full moon, the warm lights of the sunset, seen from another perspective, and Saturn. The nuances are intense, visual representations similar to photographic images.

I am already the must have of this new collection.

Grunge as a stylistic background


Not just worlds away those chosen by Felipe Oliveira Baptista to tell a new creative process within the brand. Grunge, its large shapes and that counter-current mood that marked the history of the 90s underground, returns to the catwalk where it meets the starting point of inspiration: the aviation pilots they astronauts.

lacoste ai 2017 2

René Lacoste, in fact, at the end of his sports career, he concentrated on the aeronautical industry, in particular he followed the first Atlantic crossings, even founding a company.

Also, Felipe's father is a pilot. Here, then, is that the inspiration takes shape from the archive of Lacoste and from the personal vicissitudes of the Creative Director, with the ultimate goal of treating fabrics in an innovative way and of amalgamating silhouettes and details while always looking towards the future.

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