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Coconut scents: creamy and exotic fragrances
Coconut scents: creamy and exotic fragrances

What are the best coconut perfumes of the moment? The best commercial and niche fragrances with olfactory notes of coconut milk and coconut and vanilla

THE coconut perfumes evoke enveloping and exotic atmospheres, are characterized by intensely creamy accords. The olfactory notes to which the perfume of the coconut milk I'm there vanilla, i white flowers and the FIG.

Coconut and vanilla scents

THE perfumes with notes of coconut And vanilla they are sweet and comforting fragrances, perfect for those who love gourmand perfumes. The best are Vanille and coco from E. Coudray, A Bois Vanille from Serge Lutens, Coco Vanille from Comptoir Sud Pacifique And Hypnotic Poison from Dior.

Exotic and floral coconut scents

The coconut perfume combined with fruit and flowers recalls atmospheres tropical, exotic and hypnotic chords. Batucada from The Artisan Parfumeur (lime, coconut, tiare, ylang-ylang), Coco Extreme from Comptoir Sud Pacifique (nut and coconut pulp) e Bronze Goddess from Estée Lauder (tiare and jasmine) are the scents that make you want summer and sunny beaches.

Datura Noir from Serge Lutens And Beyond Love from By Kilian match the coconut at the tuberose, the "carnal" and disturbing flower par excellence.

Coconut and fig scents

The note of coconut it is often inserted in fig perfumes to make them sweeter and more woody. I am anyway woody fragrances and definitely unisex, perfect like coconut perfumes from man.

The best fig scents with coconut milk notes are Premier Figuier from The Artisan Parfumeur, Philosykos from Diptyque (both are creations of Olivia Giacobetti) and Coco Figue from Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

Coconut perfumes: all the best fragrances

profumi al cocco coco figue
Coconut pulp, milky notes, pulp and fig leaves for a creamy and sugary gourmand fragrance.
profumi al cocco serge lutens
A hypnotic and disturbing perfume like the datura flower, but with exotic notes with coconut, almond and tuberose.
profumi al cocco hypnotic poison
Hypnotic like a spell, where the coconut note gives even more sweetness to the almond and vanilla accord.
profumi al cocco by kilian
The base note of coconut enhances the creaminess of an animalic tuberose and jasmine.
profumi al cocco vanille et coco
An old style fragrance with powdery notes of tonka bean and a floral-gourmand heart of coconut, vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang.
profumi al cocco vanille coco
A perfume that will transport you to the Caribbean islands, with vanilla and coconut milk.
profumi al cocco bronze goddess
The fragrance that symbolizes holidays and summer, where coconut blends with the flowery notes of tiare and jasmine.
profumi al cocco batucada
Lime, mint, coconut, ylang-ylang transport you to the magical beaches of Ipanema.
profumi al cocco coco extreme
Coconut in all its greedy tropical essence, enhanced in its sweetness by vanilla and sugar.
profumi al cocco premier figuier
A green and luminous fragrance, where the sweetness of the fig is made rounder by the coconut milk.
profumi al cocco un bois vanille
A fragrance with gourmand notes that is surprisingly not sweet. Woody vanilla mixes with licorice and a slight hint of coconut.
profumi al cocco diptyque philosykos
A fresh, green and woody fragrance, in which fig milk is sweetened with coconut milk.

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