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Four lightning-fast remedies to relieve stress
Four lightning-fast remedies to relieve stress

Four quick and very simple remedies to relieve the stress of everyday life and take care of your well-being

There are everyday situations that charge us with tension and lead toaccumulation of stress.

Between most common remedies that help fight stress we find it sport, which relieves tensions and has the power to make us focus only on the present, or the dedication to a hobby or to an activity that satisfies us and that allows us to temporarily forget problems and negative thoughts, favoring our well-being.

However, in today's fast-paced world, we also need remedies with an immediate effect, to live well and immediately use all our positive energy. Here are four.

1. The music

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At any time of the day we are bombarded with sounds and noises that act on the background of our actions and significantly raise our stress level. For this reason, music is an excellent ally for our relaxation.

There is no universal music that induces relaxation, so it is important that everyone identifies their own. Every moment is good to listen to it: in the office with headphones in front of the PC, while we are cleaning the house or even while we are in the shower.

2. Breathing

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A natural method of relaxation consists in trying to breathe "with the belly" (deep diaphragmatic breathing) in the moments of the day when there is more tension, in order to relax the muscles and relieve the stress that can sometimes weigh on our body.

In fact, nervous tension tends to make us breathe with the chest, causing a decrease in blood oxygenation and consequently activating the symptoms of stress.

3. Contact with nature

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A study by the University of Michigan has shown that a simple walk in the middle of nature reduces perceived stress and increases psychophysical well-being, even better if done in the company of pleasant people.

It does not matter if we are in the jungle in Madagascar or in the park under the house, the effect will always be the same thanks to electrochemical variations in the body produced by the natural climate, which will induce calm and relaxation.

4. Pet therapy


Do you have a pet? Play with it, pamper it and look each other in the eye. In fact, animals lower the levels of stress and anxiety, transmit affective warmth and raise the level of self-esteem.

Just eye contact with your four-legged friend will release oxytocin, also called the happiness hormone, into your body.

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