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Winter skin care: creams, cleansers, serums with a moisturizing and regenerating effect
Winter skin care: creams, cleansers, serums with a moisturizing and regenerating effect

Say goodbye to dry, cracked and dull skin. Here are the ideal products for effective winter skin care

During the cold season the skin needs to extra care to look your best. The solution? A targeted winter skin care, rich in active ingredients capable of to feed And regenerate the skin properly.

In fact, when the temperatures drop, the skin tends to lose brightness, the complexion fades and the skin texture loses firmness and hydration due to the attack of the cold.

For this reason, specific skin care in winter is very important, with creams, cleansers, masks and serums with illuminating, moisturizing and regenerating power, capable of stimulating the cell renewal. The result? Intensely hydrated, nourished and radiant skin.

Find the must-have products in the gallery.

Winter skin care: creams, cleansers, serums with a moisturizing and regenerating effect

skincare invernale (1)
Thanks to the exclusive Hydra-Structure Technology complex, this rich moisturizer deeply hydrates the skin making it smooth and velvety.
Enveloping texture and intense hydration for this oil-free and non-comedogenic cream-gel. Strengthens the skin barrier, is also suitable for the driest skin and also has an immediate smoothing effect.
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Formulated without water and dry to the touch, this luxurious mask is made of Techstile ™ fabric, a particular patented fiber of the brand. After use, the skin appears hydrated, smooth and radiant.
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Eliminates toxins in depth thanks to the oily formula enriched with activated carbon and grape seed oil. Black in color, in contact with water it becomes white and restores a pure and refreshed skin.
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Effective and delicate revitalizing cleanser, without sulfates, without soap, without perfume, without parabens, creates a soft foam that gently cleanses the skin, maintaining the natural hydrolipidic film.
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A latest generation oil night treatment rich in retinol, useful for reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, improving the texture of the skin, even the damaged one, and fighting the signs of aging.
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Nourishing Rich and melting, it contributes to cell turnover thanks to the concentrate of vitamins with antioxidant power. Further enriches the shea butter and argan oil formula.
skincare invernale (20)
A specific two-step system to redefine the contour of the lips making them smoother, softer and more voluminous. The formula boasts photo-reflective optics and advanced pro-collagen.
skincare invernale (21)
Not a simple face cream but a global anti-aging treatment capable of making the skin brighter and giving it a compact texture. Also excellent as a night mask for an intensive treatment.
skincare invernale (22)
Diamond powder and a pool of exclusive active ingredients make this face mask a concentrate of light.
skincare invernale (8)
With extracts of larch, angustifolia, moringa oleifera and tetrapeptide-11, it represents a unique combination of peptides and botanical extracts. It repairs and revives the skin making it young, luminous and radiant.
skincare invernale (23)
Trimolecular formula with hyaluronic acid, evening primrose and macadamia oils and Vitamins A and E, defined by the brand as "feather weight", is very light but intensely moisturizing. Perfect as a make-up base.
skincare invernale (24)
Specific mask for the lips rich in camellia oil. It is used both on the labial mucosa and on the contour to make the skin soft and smooth.
skincare invernale (25)
Extremely delicate, this scrub cream is useful for eliminating devitalized cells and impurities that make the complexion dull. The key ingredient is matricaria, whose calming and softening properties are particularly suitable for fragile skin.
skincare invernale (9)
A real booster for the eye contour area, ideal for those who are particularly tired and stressed. It makes the look more awake and the skin smoother and more radiant, fighting the signs of aging and the appearance of bags and dark circles.
skincare invernale (2)
With a very high moisturizing power, this cream is rich and infused with jojoba oil and shea butter. Ideal for those looking for intense nourishment.
skincare invernale (4)
A multifunctional face product, called "the silver soap", actually contains silver, marine collagen, sericin, hyaluronic acid and natural extracts of jojoba, aloe and avocado. Ideal for removing make-up from the face, exfoliating the skin, toning it, moisturizing it, making it more radiant and smooth, also reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.
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For a more hydrated and vital skin, the specialized brand offers this tonic based on hyaluronic acid, witch hazel and chamomile.
skincare invernale (6)
A perfect moisturizing exfoliant to remove dead cells effectively without attacking the skin. Also ideal for the most sensitive skin.
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It is massaged on the face twice a week to make the skin hydrated and supple thanks to the action of vitamins A and E combined with rose petals and neroli flowers.
skincare invernale (10)
Moisturizer with a light consistency, it has an effect that lasts up to 24 hours, reducing the loss of hydration. Inspired by the original formula designed to hydrate the skin in polar excursions, it is excellent even in the harshest climatic conditions.
skincare invernale (11)
A multi-active anti-aging serum with a remodeling function, ideal for making the skin more relaxed, toned and compact.
skincare invernale (12)
Perfect both around the eyes and around the lips, this moisturizer is 100% based on natural ingredients, has an enviable nourishing and soothing effect. It also boasts a very high concentration of anti-inflammatory active ingredients.
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A gel cleanser with a formula rich in oils and minerals that improve the complexion, stimulate circulation and visibly improve the skin texture.
skincare invernale (14)
Exclusive lip moisturizer with the rich nourishing de brand Miracle Broth ™ and Lip Lipid Complex, makes the lips smooth, full and soft. Its mint scent also makes application pleasant and fresh.
skincare invernale (15)
For younger, brighter and smoother skin, the British brand offers a pomegranate-flavored supplement rich in exclusive active ingredients conveyed by GlowCutis® technology. Among these we find a powerful complex of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, zinc and silicon.

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